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  1. Is there any hope

    Is there any hope Fapstronaut

    Dont know if this is the right place to put this so sorry if it isn't. I just need to get something of my chest.

    So when my husband looks at porn (pictures of other naked women) it makes me want to post mine on a porn site. I sent him hundreds of photos because he told me it would help and he would stop. Yet that was a lie. I want to post them because I start thinking "if he isnt going to use them let some one else and make me feel better." I know its wrong and not to do it but man I am so sick of feeling like I am not as good as these women he looks at.
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  2. Breathe..don’t chase him down to are too good for that.

    Focus on becoming a better person.

    I bet you are an amazing beautiful person, don’t let anyone’s actions ever make you doubt that.
  3. learning

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    You don't want to post your pictures, and you should try to delete any copies that exist. Inevitably somebody you know is going to see one of these pictures, and then other people will see, and eventually somebody you care about will see.

    I don't know about the marital issues you describe. Hopefully there is a solution to your husband's addiction.
  4. Is there any hope

    Is there any hope Fapstronaut

    None of themnshow my face but my tattoos are what would probably be a give aaway. I keep telling myself it isnt worth it but man it sucks to feel this way ..thank you so much for your wordss. I am trying to deal with things as it comes but that is a thought i have struggled with fighting often.
  5. learning

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    Another thought: imagine that your husband was able to marry his favorite porn star. His porn addiction would probably continue and his new porn star wife would soon feel unwanted just like you feel. You are not competing with porn stars; you are competing with your husband's addiction.

    Take myself as an example. I often times spend 8 hours straight staring like a zombie at random porn on my computer. I usually don't even have the patience to watch a 5 minute clip before I click to the next random clip. That's a completely different thing than marriage.

    Also another random thought: I have read that sex helps keep marriages stay healthy and that couples should force themselves to have sex even when they don't feel like it so their marriages stay healthy. Maybe if you guys can continue to have sex regularly and pretend the porn addiction is solved then it will help you both keep some hope and motivation in spite of the addiction? That is just a random thought, and I probably should not give advice on relationships when I have no personal experience of my own LOL
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    I completely understand the "desire to feel desired" but I don't think you will get any satisfaction in the long run from posting your pics. It won't make him feel jealous, so it won't be good revenge. As for all the thousands of guys who would be fapping to photos of you - think how many of them have wives and girlfriends that will feel just as betrayed and inadequate as you feel now.

    It sounds like couplea therapy is in order. Good luck!
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  7. learning

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    Another thing to consider is that sometimes people who know you will pass your pictures among themselves to humiliate you, or an ex-husband might post your pictures to hurt you. That's probably the more likely scenario as opposed to somebody recognizing you tattoo while browsing porn. Just remember Murphy's Law - anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
  8. TheBarbarian

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    Don’t follow his example, going down that road will only cause you more trouble and heartache.

    And tell your husband if he does not stop looking at that garbage you will leave him.
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  9. Is there any hope

    Is there any hope Fapstronaut


    When we lived together we had sex twice a day every day. I always would have sex with him even after catching him looking at porn and feeling totally destroyed I would make myself have sex with him
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  10. Is there any hope

    Is there any hope Fapstronaut

    We currently arent living together because it got to the point i couldnt take him doing it 5 minutes before i was supposed to come home from work. And we were fighting hard about it. He wont go to couseling with me. I have begged and begged for it.

    Also is there anyone specifically i should reach out to to get this moved to the right thread?
  11. IGY

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    I have requested this for you.
  12. Is there any hope

    Is there any hope Fapstronaut

    Thank you!
  13. Trappist

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    In the best case, that happened in the movie Titanic...but I would delete all pix like that. ALL.

    PA is so hard to deal with and
    it will take time to find your path.

    Value yourself first.
    Start a journal
    Read posts.

    Immediately do nothing
    until you have more clarity
    on your situation.

    Join the SOs group here.

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