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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Chef Boy, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Just a quick thread because when visiting this section of the forum, I've noticed a lot of people self-pitying and damning their inability to find a partner. These same people pigeon-hole themselves as the "forever alone" type, and probably envisage themselves as a 40 year old virgin bachelor living with three cats, and only receiving calls from their mother.

    Firstly, Nofap does wonders for ones motivation AND natural ability to attract members of the opposite sex so find comfort in that and stick to the course. But more importantly, I wanted to emphasise a shift in societal behaviour over the last couple of decades - to prove to these self-labelled "hopeless loners" that you are far from alone. There is hope. There are a tonne of people just like you!

    The number of single people in the past decade has risen rapidly, and is rising year on year. The percentage of young adults who are single and not living with a romantic partner has risen from 52 percent in 2004 to 64 percent in 2014. Factors like the prominence of further education, living at parent's house for longer, incurring debt and struggling for financial independence; it is almost typical not to take on a relationship in such circumstances and burden a partner with life's hardships.

    I know of way more single people than I do people in relationships and that's for both genders and consists of mostly people in their early 20's who most certainly should be dating. I'd actually go as far as to say porn-induced behavioural patterns have nurtured "the unmanly man"; men burdened by social awkwardness, heightened anxiety and low self-esteem create a sexually frustrated plethora of females; men don't approach women anymore for reasons relating to fear or the fact that they simply cannot be bothered (both PMO induced).

    TLDR; Being single is normal nowadays so don't worry. Practicing Nofap is one of the best things you can do to give you the ability and motivation to find a partner.

    I have strong views on this topic on will leave a few links down below, one of which is to a journal post I did detailing my observations whilst on a night-out a few months ago. It delves into the part I've italic'd.
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    Thought I'd bump this having been reading a lot of topics in this section whereby I'd offer similar comments to these.

    Porn, social media and a less sociable way of living has created a sexually and socially frustrated society. We are less socially developed than previous generations whereby technology wasn't a scapegoat from socialising and passing time. This is without mentioning the crippling anxiety and self loathing that arises from addictions such as porn or video games.

    I went to a nightclub sober the other night and all I could see was fearful men scared of rejection and irritated women wishing a man would approach and damning what can only be described as the "new normal". Usually in my drunk haze I am less observant but it genuinely looked like no one was enjoying themselves - and it perfectly epitomised societal issues in the space of one room!
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    You are absolutely correct.
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    Quality post and very true. I have definitely noticed this onset social anxiety and lack of bonds not just romantically but between all people in general. I really want to move past the illogical fears and get to know other people and Im getting a lot better at it from nofap. Porn is one of a variety of factors in society that has caused so much dissatisfaction amongst people. False expectatons and views that are very misguided have become common place. I believe people are meant to interact with scincerity and convey strong emotion which seems to have faded with everyone keeping to themselves. Dont know what im trying to say, just abstain from pmo and everything gets better :D
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Here's a video of a self development youtuber (female) who feels the same and discusses the difference between generations of men today (men in 20s vs 40s). She goes as far as saying young men struggle to hold eye contact with her and blames social media and new realms of online interaction as reasons that men are socially undeveloped and lacking in confidence. "Men don't know how to communicate with me anymore" is what she ends up saying.

    She is one of millions of frustrated women who has probably considered dating older men who are more attractive and in touch with what it means to be a man.
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    I have saved your story about the club on my phone notes, exactly what I needed to hear!!!
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    Good to hear, I try and remind myself when I have approach anxiety. Realising this is half the battle won. We now need to do something to separate ourselves from our generation of unmanly men.
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