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    This morning, I had what may have been my first wet dream since age 13. This is also a little weird/NSFW, so tread carefully. If you have a chastity/catheter fetish, probably best to close this thread. If you have experience with wet dreams and PIED, I would like some advice.

    I was having this dream where a bunch of my friends and I were like running from crocodiles?? or something aha.

    It was changing pretty frequently. Eventually, a few of us were naked in a hospital.

    Some guy I did not recognize had some type of cage-like apparatus on his penis, and to my understanding, it had a catheter which reached into his bladder. His penis was also like 3-4 feet long. Weird ass dream aha.

    He started masturbating, and when his dick returned to normal size, I think the catheter reached farther inside him. I could "sense" I had a catheter too, and could kinda feel stimulation on my penis, but not as much as the guy furiously masturbating aha. Looking back, I could sense the internal feeling and trance of upcoming orgasm, but I was just like "Wtf is going on", so I didn't do anything. He made a face which looked like the catheter went really far into him, and then I went black.

    I could feel my erection making the first spasm towards orgasm, and grinding my hips made it feel good. It's still black so I guess I felt like I was still in the dream. I orgasmed from the grinding, and while the sensations were not great, it did feel very releasing. I have not looked at any porn, masturbated, or had an orgasm in 70 days.

    Then I came to and realized what had just happened. The dream was a dream, but the orgasm was real. The black I had been seeing was just my dark blue bedsheets. My penis was in it's naturally erect state, and I had just ground my bed to orgasm.

    I know wet dreams are supposed to be fine during a reboot, but I didn't orgasm from the dream. I came from grinding my bed. I know I got aroused by the dream, but it didn't finish the job. I have some questions.

    1). Is it considered a wet dream if the orgasm came from outside stimulation? If so, is this common for wet dreams? Again, I haven't had a wet dream since I was 13 so I don't know.

    2). My biggest issue is PIED, and I was planning on trying to have sex around day 90. Is this gonna affect my sensitivity, or make it harder to feel pleasure when I go back to sex? Should I wait more than 20 days, when my reboot is supposed to be over?

    3). I was only "awake", even if I wasn't conscious, for about 4 seconds before the orgasm. I know I could have exerted some control, but what is your general opinion about this and my control?
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    Hi man, for my own knowledge, there is no way to stop a wet dream. It is just happening so let it be.
    You can look at it as a natural part of being human.
    You are in age that suppose to release hormones and if you disable yourself from releasing sperm, then there is a consequence which is wet dream once in a while.
    Be brave brother and continue on your journey.
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    Your Dream was great to read.

    Probably You should read some Freud :)

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