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    I'm not too sure whats going on right now with my situation but basically before coming to college (I'm a freshman right now), I had been masturbating since ~end of 6th grade up until then, the amount i masturbated varied from once a day to once a week between those times and rarely more than once a day. I didn't feel that it was ruining my life and I tried abstaining from masturbating for a month during the end of my senior year, which to me went through without too much of an issue honestly. All of the times I've masturbated were through watching porn.
    Now in college though i've really only masturbated like 3-4 times in the 3 months i've been here, and they were all pretty spread out. I have never masturbated so little in my life but I am having issues now staying hard when I get it on with girls. Aka, I turn soft when they blow me sometimes and especially when I put a condom on. I'm just wondering, due to having masturbated for such a long time (aka for like 7 years) do I need to COMPLETELY ABSTAIN from all forms of touching/watching porn for months or if my issue is just im not used to a condom or something else. I feel like my sexual drive isn't as high as it used to be when I was masturbating and im not getting morning wood/wet dreams even though I take like weeks off from masturbating now. I would like to be able to get a hard on for a while so I can actually experience what its like but it just doesn't happen everytime I try. Its weird because I feel like its not hard to stop watching from porn but I feel like I should be more excited in bed and its just not happening

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