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  1. A little confused. Is this specifically for P addiction or is it for S addiction because they aren't exactly the same. S addiction is a bit more complicated in what is happening. P just kinda goes with it. Does the rebooting work for both? I'm new, really just wanting to get whatever help I can. In a desperate stage. But can someone clarify please?
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    Hi there & welcome.

    I see P addiction as a subset of S addiction. Having said that, there are plenty of commonalities & if someone recovers from P addiction, this will also help with any other sexual acting-out issues they might have.

    What are the addictive/out-of-control behaviours that you want to get past? That's the inner circle. Once you have clarified that, we get to the "middle" circle.

    If you could give us a bit more background about where you're at, what you struggle with & what you've tried so far to get past your addictive behaviours, that would be very useful to anyone wanting to assist.



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