Consistent morning wood

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Stone_Richie, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Stone_Richie

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    Fuck this is going to be the biggest issue in giving up masturbation because I get raging morning wood EVERY SINGLE DAY and it doesn't go down until I jerk off.

    I even get evening wood, as soon as I hit the pillow I have a hard on that will not go down until I jerk off, it's so annoying.

    Are there any methods in defeating these boners?
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  2. Ur mind is probably used to fapping when ur in the bed. so whenever u get in there ur mind thinks i need to fap i've done it the years before those.It's like a ritual u do everyday like brushing ur teeth etc.. ur brain is used to it
  3. DainTrinity

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    Everyone has morning wood, it's just how you sleep. My first recommendation, drink a moderate amount of water before bed, drink water the MOMENT you wake up. First thing you do, drink water. Then go to the bathroom and pee. Once you are done that, it should be gone. If not, time for a shower, shave, or breakfast. Get your morning routine set up the way you like it, and without mb. Once you've passed like 20, 30 minutes doing whatever your morning routine is, you'll have forgotten about your morning wood.
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  4. JJackson

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    Same problem. No joke, I look up weird shit to kill it like "Old men" or something like that. Worst case scenario, take a cold shower, it's extremely hard to do but try, even for 15 seconds. If you can't do that maybe go outside, just stand out for a bit.

    On top of all that, give it room. Don't let it rub up on your pants or something just give it no physical contact.

    Stay strong man!
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  5. Be a man, use your hand...wait. Never mind.
  6. Stone_Richie

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    Old men lol I should try that.

    Yeah it's a real pain caused me to relapse after 9 days.

    Sometimes it feels like my dick is possessed by some cum dumpster spirit that is only satisfied once I buss.
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