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    I joined NoFap nearly a year ago and since then I have had lots of streaks (the longest being 60 days) but inevitably I always seem to return to fap. Right after I relapse I will feel so angry with myself and will make myself promise never to do it again. Three weeks ago I relapsed after a streak and I remember sitting in my bedroom trying to do work and I literally threw my pen against the wall. I covered my face with my hands and promised that I would never fap again. Since then I have relapsed four times.

    The urge keeps on coming back and I keep on convincing myself it's not a big deal, it's fine to masturbate. Soon after I will hate myself again. And this cycle of lust and self-destruction continues seemingly indefinitely.

    I am not going to say that I will never fap again but I will say that I am returning to NoFap and each day will be taken much more seriously. Having gone 60 days without fapping I know the benefits and starting today I want to try and break the cycle.

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  2. Honestly dude you are doint great. At least much better than me. I relaspsed abd binged for a week once since Jan 1st. m I'm definitely not as disciplined as you. I hope to be though. It looks like you already acheived a lot over the last year.
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    I know how you feel.

    But remember Edison firstly had to discover 100 ways how not to build a bulb until he managed find the one how to do it (He was successful at the end only thanks to gained wisdom and past experience).
    How many times did you relapsed? Was it at least 100? Or do you want to give up before managing to gather the necessary experience and stay all your life in dark?
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    I went through the same cycle with relapses and especially the pain associated with them. I was on a streak of 90 days and after relapsing it was really painful. I would say you have to forgive yourself or else you will never let it go and don't make this problem more than it needs to be. A lot of time people become too overwhelmed however, this problem may be difficult but, it isn't complicated.
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    Oh brother! There is a constant regret and a feeling of frustration which fuels me even more. I am fairly new here and I relapsed within a week of starting it. Now I am gathering myself again and will do it again.
    The goal here is to be present in this moment rather than living in the past or worrying about the future. NOW is important, so constantly act for the betterment of now. At least that works for me.
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    Yes totally agree.

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