Consuming whole raw eggs?

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Do you eat whole raw eggs?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    No, but eating raw eggs is a good source of nutrients. One of friend eats raw eggs every day. It contains omega fatty acids for good health and has many benefits. But there may be the possibility of salmonella.
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    I've decided to consume 2 raw eggs an day, as well as incorporate 1 raw egg into my workout shakes.

    My friends and I went out and got sushi yesterday at an sushi bar here in town. Since I had an appetite for raw fish I felt comfortable about eating raw eggs now.
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  4. I never crack eggs over my food but on the occasion that I make a smoothie because I’m so damn tired of having shitty food at home, I put lots of eggs and yoghurt in
  5. I'm not sure it's less than 1%, especially in America. Would need to see a source. But even if it is: less than 1% is not necessarily a small chance by any means, especially if you're banging them every day. Just microwave them and stop wanking off to Rocky fantasies.
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    I dont know much of rocky or his diet...
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    I'm eating 3 raw eggs in the morning now i found this video and convinced me, i use lemon juice to make easier.
  8. i like raw eggs, i crack 3 into a cup and drink them all, at first its nasty but once you get healthy it does not bother you, Its great for bodybuilding.
  9. You could always mix it with milk or something if the taste bothered you too much.
  10. 3 eggs a day in my smoothies with milk banana and protein powder. It's like a delicious milkshake. basically the same thing as consuming eggnog I would assume, so I don't see much risk or at least no more risk than any other raw foods that could be potentially contaminated.
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