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  1. Jen@8675309

    [email protected] Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Has anyone figured out a way to get a conversation going with more than just one other person? There seems like there should be a way but I'm hitting a brick wall.
  2. NoBrainer

    NoBrainer Distinguished Fapstronaut

    In the box called 'Participants', within 'Start a New Conversation', add the members you want to start a conversation with by typing in their names. A drop down box will come up suggesting the user in question. Click on their name in the drop down box and their name will be entered into 'Participants' with a comma next to their name. You can repeat this process by typing in the next user you wish to add to the conversation, to start the convo with multiple people.

    I hope all that makes sense. :p
  3. Jen@8675309

    [email protected] Distinguished Fapstronaut

    I've tried that, with usernames separated by commas. I keep getting an error message that says 'You can only add one participant to this conversation". Could it be broken right now or locked to premium members? Thanks for the reply!

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