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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Gaelgarcla, Jun 22, 2020.

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    I am 16 years old and my quarantine has not been the best. I have been really deppresed, listening to kid cudi everyday. I started nofap about a week ago, and feel better but not alot. I will continue this jourrney to see what happens and will kepp yall updated. Coping with quarantine sucks, I have very strict parents that are very overprotective. I am pretty much stuck at home playing video games or watching youtubers. I do workout and run and lift to cope with my stress and depression. Also ive been eating really good which has helped with depression, where as before I would eat very unhealthy. I dont drink nothing else but green tea and water. I made all these changes to my diet and life because I do not want to age faster and nofap is one of those changes. Honestly I dont really care about the girl benefits of the NoFap right now as I know I will find my soulmate later in life. I am only 16 and I think it is normal to still be a virgin. I have had my first kiss and thats all and manty girls find me somewhat attractive. Hope this relates to someone else going through the same thing. If you are going throug depression like me. I always bump some kid cudi and start running, NEVER just sit in your room depressed that is very unhealthy for your mental state atleast for me.Whenever i feel low i try tio get energized and want to do something about it. I also think it is very imporant to vent to someone and dont tuck it in deep as it will come out later.Thanks for reading guys Love Yall! :)
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  2. Quarantine sucks. It was all fun and memes the first month then it got ridiculously boring. For someone just starting NoFap this will be a great challenge, so don't get discouraged. If u don't succeed now you will after it's over.

    As for depression I recommend (I'm not an expert, just saying what worked for me) you try to find some hobbies besides video games and Youtube. Playing an instrument, learning a new language, yoga whatever. It helps a lot.

    Stay strong brother!
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    Yeah its normal to be a virgin at 16. I think PMO will add to the depression. Its good that you get out and excercise, that releases endorphins to help with stress and depression. Shit I am 31 and still facing battles with stress and depression. My PMO addiction escalated to chronic habitual use over the years and I have such a hard time quitting now. I am sure you can get through NoFap, you are quite young and surrounded by a strong community to support you. Wish you the very best.
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