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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by yugowolf1991, Jun 2, 2020.

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    Hi there guys i posted this in the reboot section didnt really get a response so i thought i would try here.

    No matter where you are in the world everyone is being effected by this virus in some way or another.

    I had previously been clean (from M and P i had another issue i was tackling) or almost 2 years an unbelievable time even with a lot of adversity i faced in those 2 years. My worst day on nofap was still better than my best as an addict.

    So corona rocks up and my country (UK) gets put in lockdown towards the end of march. 1st i figure oh well im a stronger person now and took it in my stride. 3 or 4 weeks in i had relapsed via M twice(chaser took hold). The thought hadnt even entered my mind for over a year. And so i got straight back on the horse so to speak had some side effects for a couple of weeks and then felt back to normal.

    However just today i cant explain i just didnt care anymore i was just sick of not having my freedom seeing people doing activities going on dates etc just living life to the full like i never had in my 13 years of addiction. So i relapsed via M twice as before then i just thought fuck it and watched porn not for long and i didnt even enjoy the process it was just a total feeling of not caring anymore as this lockdown is easing slowly but it is not a set thing and it could go on for ages and I'd lost my will.

    Of course im absolutely regretting that now and i need help i know i cant do this on my own while this thing is still going on so im hoping on this thread we can all help each other out.
    Stay strong my friends
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    I am from Mexico, and we are quarantined, but maybe not as hard as in your country, I mean, too much people in public places is forbidden, but nor the police neither the military are making us to saty in home.
    Anyway it has affected me, I was in my longest abstaining period (125 days) and relapsed with M, because it has affected me emotionaly, I like to see other people, have contact with them, shake hands, huge them, etc. I am an student so I don't go to work, neither go to school classes.
    That reset was because I was online videochating with girls (who I don't know), and that turned me on.
    But I think this quarantine, will help me to really find my value (I believe in Jesus), instead of trying to find approval from woman. My problem is not with porn anymore, but with lust, and self value.
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    Glad to know things arent as bad over there for you mate. I totally understand what you mean about finding yourself in the quarantine. Im like you i love social interaction and with it lessened to such an extreme degree with no clear end in sight its enough to drive you madif you let it.

    Thanks for your reply and take care
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    I'll come back to this later but the basic point I want to add is the whole crisis/opportunity thing.
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