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  1. Haha - this is brilliant! It would have been dismissed as conspiracy theory craziness 10 or even 5 years ago, yet here it is. Glad to know that, if this is the global plan, then the only consequences are that I won't be able to access state services - I've been moving away from that anyway.
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    Who is the crazy now?!
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    A coincidence everyone and their dog started getting tattoos the last couple of years huh? All a bunch of stupid zombies. Shit man we need a nuclear holocaust to clean this planet...
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    I was a bit sceptical but now that I've seen this I don't like where this is going.
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    1 - how can corona be a bioweapon? a weapon is harmful. corona is pretty harmless. of "200.000" corona deaths in the US, only 9000 are actual corona deaths. the rest are other deaths, which have been designated as corona deaths, as was ruled by the CDC in february. AS soon as the CDC ruling came out, there were no more influenca deaths. coinkidink. there are people who were shot in the head - but were ruled as corona death.

    2 - corona vaccine will alter your DNA. corona vaccine contain stem cells from ABORTED BABIES. this is diabolical stuff. this is pure evil.
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    Out of these 9000 patients also, about half were died because of wrong treatment guidelines given by WHO. Like whenever patient temperature rises reduce it by giving him pills. But people should know that human body is far more intelligent than these doctors, on high temperature virus cannot multiply and also becomes weak - so our immune system easily kills viruses. But because of constant reducing temperature, virus keeps on multiplying and even a harmless virus kills millions of people.

    WHO and all government are trying to forcefully kill people to increase death counts, they are also controlling media to spread fear. Because humans are ready to do anything to save their life. People stop thinking consciously when they are frightened. And they will continue to make our life worse, until and unless we reach a state of extreme misery and poverty, where all people are confused and are willing to do anything to get out of that situation, at that time they will execute their plans like this tattoo and all other things, because in these type of situations even the people who know everything and understand all this drama will give up. It is not necessary that whole world will face this situation at a time, they might first target few countries, then others. Anyone who still tries to stop this will be killed. That's why they give us clues about their future plans, to degrade our confidence to make us believe that "even if we know their plans, we can't stop it from happening". They don't have any problem if we know their plans, their only problem will be if people started revolting against them. So, whether we are knowing or not about all this doesn't matters to them. They are still working on their plans. yeah! but one thing will be good, if more people know about this, more people will refuse to take vaccine, and then it might turn into a mass revolution.

    Edit: And does anybody know that - You can only create vaccine for disease caused by bacteria, viruses mutate so fast that a vaccine is not at all useful. But that doesn't mean that viruses are very powerful, just don't reduce temperature of your body and your immune system will take care of any useless virus. By reducing temperature, you are helping virus and are harming your own body, you are fighting against yourself. So just stop harming yourself, and you will be fine.

    Main stream media had brainwashed everyone so much that still people will call anyone saying about these things a crazy person. Yeah! but this time less number of people will call you crazy. I don't want it to get too late before these people realize the truth.
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    Except the projections are for mass-administration. It's going to be a slow, painful process creating restrictions around the things that we once take for granted and creating, shifting and reinforcing new values and paradigms that will divide the people. Safe versus unsafe, obedient versus rebellious. Especially because it's done in a way so clever that the global lock-down has been politicized, the public cannot gain focus; the fact that we live in a society that functions on the precept of Darwinian evolution but operates under the mirage of a single virus wiping out the global population is telling of the fantastic job the weaponized media has done in regards to molding public thought!
    Here before our eyes, in 2020, we are witnessing the controlled demolition of the economy under the auspices of a global health pandemic and most people do not think twice about hunger and poverty killing them before a virus can.

    Handling a new virus and the way in which we operate to keep healthy is not the long-haul we are in for, but rather the politicization, degradation and demoralization of those who are deemed dangerous to those who value safety over anything else- including their own health. This is why you have many people who are salivating for a supposed invincibility potion with a greater chance to fail than work, campaigned by a man (Bill Gates) who is on video proclaiming the ability of such to be an effective means of population reduction.
    It is in the long run to get the population to gamble away their health to acquire security. It is an exchange that is made only through consent.
    What they will bargain for people's freedom, or even their free will- I have no idea, but it will be interesting to watch and see.
  9. Another biochem PhD joins the discussion...
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    Another ad hominem (Attacking the person instead of the argument).

    Actually the process of creating vaccines which have used stem cells from fetuses is openly declared by even vaccine manufacturers. You may want to dispute if any DNA remains or that only aborted fetuses which were supposed to have happened in the 70s are used, or maybe that there are multiple "vaccines" and we can't know for sure what will be in the final covid thing vaccine/poison unleashed on the unwitting masses. But to simply attack a person is nothing more than bullying.
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    Mark of the beast
  12. @SoaringEagle there is a few hundred candidate vaccines right now so it's not clear which one is he talking about. Furthermore, the development process was not released as far as I know for either so he cannot possibly know any details. Like that they were made using stem cells from aborted babies - how can he make that claim? Not to mention the fact that IF any COVID vaccine gets developed using those cell cultures why would they be present in the vaccine itself?

    And that about DNA being changed ... if only it was so easy lol. All vaccines work by provoking an immune system response which makes it adapt to the new threat. Not by changing your DNA. Nobody really knows how to do that quite yet.

    In conclusion, @matt2k12 is lying his *** off and I don't really feel like being nice to such a person.
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    First, even if anyone says something wrong, it doesn't mean he is lying, it is possible that they made a mistake or didn't confirm a source.
    Second, from a quick search, it seems there are actually 4 covid vaccines that are developed using fetal cells:

    I have no time to actually research the DNA claim and the source of it, but if it had bothered you, you could have inquired about the source or stated that with the current "publicized" level of technology it is a difficult thing to do which of course can never discredit it completely since there could be technologies we are not yet aware of, but at least the burden of proof falls on him. And either way there is no need for any hard feelings. @matt2k12 Believes this vaccine is dangerous and wanted to raise awareness. You on the other-hand believe misinformation is dangerous and you want to raise awareness and all 3 of us are wasting time on this forum which is at least better than our addictions LOL :D
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    This news came in my chrome front page.
    WhatsApp Image 2020-09-19 at 8.52.00 AM.jpeg
    OK, so is this their main plan - to spread this infertility causing bacteria in the name of covid vaccine? They have already started to set up the background, so that when the vaccine is distributed and people become infertile, they can say that it is not because of vaccine but because of this bacterial infection, and then they will give another vaccine for this bacterial infection. Enforce more control by spreading more and more fear. People stop thinking when they are frightened. People will be so much frustrated and frightened that they might even accept their chips, union of all governments etc etc.
  15. My own DOCTOR himself said he WOULD not take the vaccine when it's first released. When it's released, there's no proven record regarding vaccines. None. He himself said it's a risk and he's a DOCTOR. He said himself he'll wait till maybe 2nd or 3rd batch release after there is EXTENSIVE testing and proven records on how people handle vaccines biologically.

    So that's what I'll do. Until then, definitely not when it's first released. He said there might be a lot of side effects. We don't know.
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    All good now? I'm happy to provide proof for any statement I make here.
    About DNA/rna altering vaccine:
    What it is:
    There are at least 4 rna vaccines in the making of which I know, this is one example:

    I have 2 Doctors in my family, and both said that they wouldn't take a vaccine by no means. Not for the reasons u posted , although they agree with them, but simply because they don't see covid as a harmful virus.
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    Nothing will change our DNA .....i disaprove that thing of using fetus cells , makes me sick
    You only get that bacteria if your very dirty and are with dirty farm animals , there is no proof that there is human to human
    Thats just a news to panic people but it wont go anywhere
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    Didnt know we had here soo many doctors and experts on corona thing

    I will jut leave this video here
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  19. I merely acknowledged the link @SoaringEagle provided. What you said is still BS.

    Getting triggered over this is silly. So two or three embryos from the 60s are utilized in vaccine R&D ... and? It's not like they wouldn't have been aborted otherwise. You know what happens to the rest of the millions aborted fetuses each year? They get thrown in the trash. Much better...

    If you do get triggered anyway then you could just pick a vaccine that wasn't developed with these cell lines - looks like there's quite a lot of options. Although I still struggle to see what difference does it make to you whether the original cells come from an embryo or a grandma or any other human.

    Now could the lingering bits of host cells that inadvertently make it into the final vaccine be dangerous? That's another question. Maybe? I have no idea. But that's not what you were blathering about, is it?
    The difference between the RNA vaccines and the standard vaccines is that instead of injecting the antigens you inject instructions that your body later uses to build them.

    That's it - no "altering your DNA" nonsense. You won't become a GMO through these vaccines.

    You know what the funniest thing is? IT'S ALL WRITTEN IN THE ARTICLES YOU JUST POSTED.

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