Corona Virus as a means to expand State control?

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    That is propably mostly true, even though there are obviously exceptions to evertyhing.

    I suppose we could argue about that if this was a more fitting threat. In the context of coronavirus I think that if big government solutions with minor negative effects are what is required to get through this without unnecessary deaths, I don't think that giving away some freedom temporarily is the end of the world. But I'm not entirely sure if any too harsh solutions are necessary in most places.

    I do too agree with his mistrust, but I feel like it's not entirely sincere. To me it seems like Trump hasn't really done anything to try to permanently eliminate the power of the deep state or political elite or whatever you want to call it. In this particular issue it seems like he barks more than bites, which is really sad because this is one of the issues which would require biting the most.

    Idk about how much 'socialist policies' have contributed to this, but to me it seems like major depressions are just a natural part of capitalism. The whole system is based on seeking constant growth, which isn't possible without endless resources. Therefore the system ends up creating a bubble, which has to burst at some point.

    Canada's system goes more along the lines of France, UK, Australia and Germany if I'm not mistaken. Also they most certainly aren't norsemen either. :D
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  2. You are mistaken. In capitalism recession occurs, just as it occurs in nature. However it's regulations that try to make recessions go away, that make everything 10x worse. Capitalism has a lot of healing power because it unchains the individuals creativity and gives the people the opportunity to work on solutions that are perfectly adapted to the local environment the individual lives in.
    This is why capitalism thrives: power to the people, not to some apparatchiks that sit thousands of miles away in an office, without any valuable experience, prone to corruption and to mismanagement.
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  3. I can't wait for this to happen. I lived in the EU, it's a culture destroying mega-state, driven by not elected, corrupt people that would have to work at Starbucks if they weren't at the EU.
    I want this NWO currency to explode and give the power back to the nations so they can choose the way they want to go.
    The "union" was just good enough until maybe 1998. Then they introduced the Euro in 2002. And since 2008 this currency is in crisis all the time. It can only fail.
    They ended up having negative interest rates since 2012 or so. It means you loose your savings and your retirement plan. It made rents explode.
    It's a pathetic construction and must die.
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  4. This is wrong. The Hungarian government does what the people want it to do. That is actually great and democratic. Democracy means that the people decide. It does not necessarily mean that the decision is the best. Although I think that Orban does a great job for his country. I don't know how Finland is though.
  5. You can add the compelled speech laws, where people can force you to say things. The can bring up pronouns just as they like and you HAVE to use them. It's a woke nation, what a shame.
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  6. Immigration, if done right, is beneficial. A nation can allow unlimited immigration, but only if the immigrants get no welfare at all. When there is no welfare ,than you can be sure that only the people will come, who actually want to thrive, move forward, and work in order to have a better life. While doing so, they also improve society.
    On the other side, if you have welfare, then you will pick up a lot of lazy people who come, just because they get a free card and living on welfare in America is probably better then working in Venezuela.
    So, I am rather conservative but I tell you: they can come, under the condition that they get no welfare whatsoever.

    But there is also a cultural aspect. I am Christian, I live in a Christian country and I want it to stay like that. I don't want to wake up and be a minority in my own country. I think, there is no harm when immigration privileges people that have the same culture.
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  7. I'm usually pretty biased in favor of market solutions but healthcare is just a terrible fit as it is very different from any other economic activity. The US system is a dumpster fire, what you call "rationing" is vastly superior.
  8. Recessions occur in nature? Sure buddy. Capitalism causes recessions and even the staunchest right-wing economists switch into intervention mode whenever one hits - like the one we're in now.
    Don't make statements you can't defend.
  9. Same to you pal.
    And yes, recessions occur in nature. Ever heard something of volcanos, earthquakes, very cold winters, dry summers that diminish the harvest, destroy infrastructure and cause shortage of goods, so that prices go up and eventually people die?
    Or is that also because of capitalism, Caligula?
    I suggest you go back to school, read some good books and start to think about what your NWO buddies are telling.
    Just use your brain for more then replaying that junk that you hear on CNN, think about it. Think it through.
    I was a socialist as well, but now I know better. Maybe you will get wise one day, my friend.
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  10. "Market solutions" sounds some washed out argument. Health Care only sucks, when there is no free market. And in the US, there is no free market in health care. Not at all, they have the worst regulations one can imagine, Obama-Care made it even worse. There is no single economic sector where free market isn't the best.
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  11. Inflation, debts, speculation... Crises happen mostly because people can''t predict the future, not because of natural disasters.
    Classical economics ruled until about here^. You can see that since the world adopted more left-wing economic policies, we get less recessions and more growth.
    I would love to hear your book recommendations.
    How so? As far as I know the American government does not negotiate prices and it happens quite a lot that a life-saving drug or surgery is unobtainable for someone who needs it because of market quirks. The Yanks spend much larger portion of their cake on healthcare than everyone else. And they're certainly not healthier.

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