Correlation between Instagram models and pornography addiction effect on dopamine levels.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by NegligentRelic*95, Dec 26, 2019.

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    Instagram is a huge platform, you can find whatever you want there. It depends on you and what content you choose to follow. Definitely, you'll find pictures with the girls that have no problems with showing their bodies to millions of people, that's how they increase the number of followers. Moreover, Instagram became a way to make money and to be popular on social media. A lot of people use good instagram services in order to be promoted and to have followers. But besides that, it's possible to find good content, like persons that share advice, that inspire. It all depends on what you choose to follow.
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    I got off instagram for that reason. Instagram is HIGHLY triggering.
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    In my opinion, the best thing is to avoid P subs. I found Instagram more triggering than P because of how common the app has become day to day in society. Best thing to do is delete the app, because if you are seeking women or models, it's going to activate the same dopamine response you get from porn. Your brain will see P and Insta almost the same because your intention is to still look at something, even if it not sexual. With Instagram, heck I would even get my fix from women dressed in "modest" clothing (e.g covered Chechen/Russian Muslim Instagram influencers) because they would still promote, in some ways, a dopamine response from the clothing, shoes, makeup they were wearing. Cutting back on following these models is not enough, as the Instagram search suggestions will still come back. You need to delete the app or atleast replace it with another past time. At the end of the day, it all works on dopamine.
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    me too, I am also still tempted by the photo model on Instagram. I thought about deleting Instagram but I still need Instagram for other things. My advice for you, unfollow an account model or an account that contains sexy content, or create a new Instagram account
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    Social Media has the added poison of being at least partially concerning women you know, which makes it extra dangerous to me. The added layer of voyeurism makes it just as bad as real P even if the actual images aren't as hardcore.
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    instagram and youtibe are where all my relapses start

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