could rebooting effects be addictive?

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    I have noticed alot of users on here who have been doing this for several years have gone on long lasting streaks of atleast 90 days or longer, just to relapse again for a period of time and then start over. I know alot of them have said that during the rebooting and rewiring process at the beginning they could feel huge benefits in their mind and body, but once they were able to rewire and successfully reboot these benefits seemed to have faded and got depressed. I was just thinking that these long streakers maybe intently relapse again to feel that rush of benefits they felt at the beginning all over again? Maybe the best solution is to realize that your mind is rewired to live without porn now and you no longer need it, same with reboot, you are back the way you were made to be so you longer need it, get into other things to boost your mood, exercise, hobbies, dating, answering ppl who need help on here. Don;t fall into the trap of wanting the attention and failing on purpose to get it, always a negative in something if not used correctly including nofap. After 90 days of no P or sexual images, will come on occasionally to help others but accept and embrace my new life.
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