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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by u376, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Fapstronaut

    Definitely watching it this weekend then!
    Today's three wins:
    Finally bought a new bedframe after months of sleeping on a matress on the floor.
    Had a nice lunch with my parents.
    Thought about life and what I wanted to make of it.
  2. Yesterday's Wins:

    1. Ran
    2. Watched Overlord eps:6-9
    3. Played Football with some randoms
  3. Today's Wins:

    1. Ran
    2. Listened to music
    3. Made some pizza
  4. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Fapstronaut

    Today's little victories:
    Studied/worked for three hours.
    Bought and started playing Death Stranding.
    Watched LoL Worlds 2019 Finals.
  5. Although I had a very emotionally disturbing weekend and the fact that I once again failed to O from sex, here are today's wins:

    1. Tidied my place.
    2. Was nice to someone.
    3. Did some annoying paperwork.
  6. Today's Wins:

    1. Went to church
    2. Read Tokyo Ghoul vols. 11-12
    3. Took a nap
  7. Yesterday's win:
    • Had good conversation with unknown persons
    • Had good time friends
    • Got serviced bike
  8. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Yesterday wins
    Not watched porn not even fantasized
    Did meditation for 25 minutes
    Controlled my unusual anger
  9. Vijay5610

    Vijay5610 Fapstronaut

    Science says masturbate 21 times in month to reduce risk of prostate cancer
  10. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Fapstronaut

    Today's three triumphs:
    Talked to a girl I'm interested in and she brought up my birthday.
    Played some more Death Stranding.
    Studied Biology.
  11. Homelander

    Homelander Fapstronaut

    my 3 wins yesterday:
    - ran 18km
    - Expressed my deep thoughts feelings to my ex wife
    - spent quality time with my parents
  12. yourhomieishere

    yourhomieishere Fapstronaut

    3 wins yesterday
    -Had a good time with friends, some old and some new
    -Bought stuff to get ready for wrestling season
    -Almost finished my Youtube video
  13. Today's Wins:

    1. Ran
    2. Watched Log Horizon ep:6-10
    3. Walked
  14. Hesychast

    Hesychast Fapstronaut

    Hmm.. I'm trying to think of 3 wins but I'm drawing a blank.
    I've been wondering where to start in getting back on track (I've been incredibly sedentary of late,) and I think 3 tasks a day is a good start.
    Check in tomorrow...
  15. Yesterday's wins:

    1. Left work "early", putting my own interests above those of my colleagues and clients.
    2. Went to the gym.
    3. Donated to finance Alex's defamation lawsuit.
  16. Yesterday
    • Studied
    • Learned an intense new push-up (Archer push-up) on the rings
    • Resisted temptation even though it was strong
  17. Today's wins:

    1. Went to the gym.
    2. Worked hard on recovery.
    3. Went for lunch with friend.
  18. Today's Wins:

    1. Got some groceries
    2. Took care of life stuff
    3. Played football with a random
  19. Today's wins:

    1. Worked hard on recovery (understood as broader than just P addiction: changing myself).
    2. Didn't PMO.
    3. Watched some episodes of Kengan Ashura (great show).
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  20. Today's Wins:

    1. Slept in
    2. Watched Re:Zero eps:7-12
    3. Did Laundry
    4. Walked

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