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  1. Finalito

    Finalito Fapstronaut

    3 wins of today:
    - did all my work
    - did post extensively on No6Fap
    - took a bath

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  2. Today's wins:

    1. Said no to a colleague who was asking for help with a stinky case.
    2. Told another colleague to go do a conference call on speaker in another office.
    3. Didn't do shit at work.
    4. Went to the gym and the sauna.
    5. Asked a girl I've known for several years to go for lunch with me tomorrow.
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  3. Today's Wins:

    1. Ran
    2. Took a nap
    3. Walked
  4. Finalito

    Finalito Fapstronaut

    Today's wins:
    - visited my grandparents
    - went to a sauna
    - finished all of my pending work by noon
  5. Today's wins:

    1. Worked on recovery.
    2. Took the initiative and motivated a group of colleagues to go out for drinks.
    3. Went for lunch with a girl.
  6. Today's Wins:

    1. Ran
    2. Went to a retro video game store
    3. Played some football
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  7. Today's wins:

    1. Worked hard on recovery.
    2. Summed up my situation (including all my addictions) to two IRL friends.
    3. Hosting my brother for a couple days and going to see Zombieland with him tonight.
    4. Found Christmas gifts for dad and bro.
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  8. Today's Wins:

    1. Slept in
    2. Ran
    3. Listened to some music
    4. Made some soup
  9. Finalito

    Finalito Fapstronaut

    Yesterday's wins
    - went for a walk in the rain
    - gifted two of my friends
    - cleaned the kitchen
  10. Finalito

    Finalito Fapstronaut

    Today's wins
    - read half of my new book (The Body by Bill Bryson)
    - went for a long walk
    - met up with friends
  11. Today's wins:

    1. Hanged out with brother
    2. Played games and watched Witcher the Netflix TV show (utterly bad adaptation, outrageous).
    3. Ate good diner.
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  12. Today's Wins:

    1. Went to church
    2. Read Tokyo Ghoul Days and Void
    3. Took a nap
  13. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Yesterday wins
    Went outside at 8 pm
    Took bath
    Studied a bit
  14. Finalito

    Finalito Fapstronaut

    Today's wins:
    - did all my work
    - got an early Xmas present
    - going out to meet some friends
  15. Today's Wins:

    1. Slept in
    2. Got some food
    3. Walked
  16. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Yesterday wins
    Took cold bath
    Went to gym
    Studied for two hours
  17. Overdrive

    Overdrive Fapstronaut

    Yesterday's wins:
    1. Decided to start Nofap
    2. Finally went to get treatment for skin
    3. Created a clear vision of my ideal self to try and match

    Today's wins:
    1. Read for an hour and a half about sales.
    2. Woke up at 6 and did Leg day
    3. Studied for 2 hours
  18. i_have_pizza

    i_have_pizza Fapstronaut

    1. I have made first build of my game and sent to some friends to test performance. Got feedback a bit better then expected.
    2. Made more development for game, then was planing.
    2. Have found new songs for Just Dance. I don't have PS4, so, using youtube. Done my daily training.
  19. CodeTalker

    CodeTalker Fapstronaut

    1. Listened to 10 chapters of the Bible
    2. Did not have panic attack when my heart started skipping beats
    3. Decided to totally stop video games until further notice
  20. Today's wins:

    1. Had a good talk with my sister.
    2. Had Christmas dinner with my family.
    3. My brother helped me out with something.
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