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  1. This is not a filter. It's letting someone else see ALL your internet activity. It removes the secrecy of PMO. They even see if you uninstall it.

    Nothing is foolproof, but Covenant Eyes takes accountability to the next level. We talk a lot about accoutability here, but having an Accountability Partner who truly knows what you do online, and is a friend to confront you about it, is one of the best tools you can have in my opinion. For me it has removed about 95% of the desire to PMO.

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    Quite interesting software, why I have not heard of it before ..
    I heard about similar software, like here for monitoring actions. The essence is similar. I would like to know more about such technologies, as the benefits of such programs will be more than ever. But I am sure that such a development in the technical field will prevent unmotivated, unreasonable and stupid actions and decisions.
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