COVID 19 and Social Media.

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    As of writing this post, COVID 19 has affected 1,792,779 people worldwide and caused about 109,786 deaths. It is just behind Yellow Fever, whose death toll was 100-150 K. Even though the death toll of COVID 19 is far below that of something like the Bubonic Plague (which caused around 200 million deaths), the rate at which this virus spreads is a matter of utmost concern. Many countries have declared a state of emergency. Many epidemiologists have said that humanity was not prepared for this. I disagree. My argument is that we may not have been prepared medically, but we couldn't have been better prepared socially.

    COVID 19 has actually brought forth the many advantages of social media. We are now more connected than ever, and can talk to our friends and family while still being in a state of lock down. Isn't that a magnificent thing! Moreover, precautions to take for this virus can also be easily told to the whole world. The trending hashtag-based campaign #safehandschallenge (also started by the WHO) has seen global celebrities educate the public on the act of hand-washing through carefully curated social media performances. This wasn't the case with the SARS epidemic or even with MERS.

    So let's contain this virus, while knowing that not one of us can do it without the other. After all, we're all in this together.
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    I don't fully agree. I find Facebook to be rather toxic right now. A friend unfriended me because I disagreed with her over the vaccine, people have gotten mad at me when I express my opinion over the virus. I'm currently staying off Facebook because I find it to be a dangerous place. Currently there a social media campaign to publicly shame this girl over a tweet she made. She deleted her Twitter account but that wasn't good enough for people, they just had to screenshot the tweet and let the whole world her name. When I saw a Facebook friend was involved in the shaming I knew I had to stay off for a while.

    I mean sure there some good aspects of social media during these times but there's some real negative aspects. Be careful about what you say on it because your friends might unfriend you or worse there might be a campaign to publicly shame you.
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    I can't stand social media. I got rid of Facebook years ago and even WhatsApp became too much for me last year, so I deleted that too.

    Strangely enough I'm drawn to internet forums however.
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    The thing about social media is the complete lack of control. Myths, misconceptions, and hate will spread through social media just like a virus. Many people in today’s society don’t even know what to believe anymore.

    BUT, I do see your point about being globally connected. We’re more in touch than ever before. So there are definitely benefits to that, as we can literally be updated by the second if we wanted to. I personally don’t need the frequent updates. My mom shares the current numbers of cases and deaths with me regularly, and I just had to tell her to stop doing that. Because realistically, what benefit does the average citizen get from knowing the daily numbers? You can’t do anything about it, nor does it change what you’re currently doing. So all it does is cause unnecessary anxiety.

    Just wake me up when it’s all over:confused:
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  5. red gyarados

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    First trump starts a trade war with China, then a virus from China torpedoes the economy and everyone blames trump. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.
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    It may be a coincidence, but I see what you are implying here. However, be open and try to understand it from different perspectives. Here is a video I found interesting on the virus "originating from US", and you can take a look with neutral attitude.

    Yes, you may say that the video has Chinese subtitles and may be biased towards Chinese, but it is still factual. It is based on research and it is only a conspiracy. Take it with a pinch of salt.

    Just wondering, why Trump is starting a trade war (that is not beneficial for both countries) with China? Most non-Americans don't get it and think Trump wants to curb the economy growth of China because it is "becoming a threat". I am very curious for your explanation (if you are an American).
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  7. FlowingSaiyan

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    I couldn't agree more with what you are saying. Social media is a very powerful tool and is often misused by many. Publicly shaming someone for expressing their views is unacceptable. Statistics show us that there are over 2.3 billion active social media users, of which many would attack any innocent person just to satisfy their ego - which is completely wrong.
    However, my post was just for those who believe that social media is completely worthless and drifts people apart. Either way, I am grateful and appreciate that you shared your perspective, after all perspective is what makes a person wise :)
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  8. FlowingSaiyan

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    My mom does the same too XD. And it's true that we can't change numbers, so it's pointless to think about them all the time. And I also agree that lack of control makes social media very dangerous. But we can't do anything about that too, except not spreading myths ourselves.
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    Exactly! Let’s put on our symbolic face masks and prevent the spread of myths!
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  10. Most of social media is a load of skewed wank.

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