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  1. MindfulWarrior

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    Absolutely, there has been a study now on the matter, natural infections are better at protecting against future infections than the vaccine, even against the new variants, the best "option" being having been sick in 2020, then second best option in 2021.
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  2. AtomicTango

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    I dont know how noone has mentioned that the vaccine turns you into an alligator. That's a pretty big upside to it I think.
  3. It seems the reason that there are so many "mutations" or "variants" so soon is to mitigate the damage to the public opinion on the efficacy of the vaccine when it becomes manifestly evident that vaccinees have still acquired COVID. How better can they cover for the vaccine's ineffectiveness? Simply claim that the vaccine was matched to a more original strain--and that you will now need another vaccine to keep up with the mutations...and...voila! Guaranteed money from the gullible public, er, cash cow.
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  4. No, it's not an alligator--it's a cow. Cash cow.
  5. RavenGT

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  6. Practically speaking it doesn't matter to most people, because they're not going to do shit to help their health otherwise or learn enough about it when there are actionable things. Natural in terms of vaccine or no vaccine is one thing, the way people live is mostly unnatural and has to rely on human institutions for the most part. People who make an effort to live as naturally as possible eventually run up against these limitations, it's just a question of what level of the process we're talking about. (for example, get all nutrition from food vs. supplements)

    But as an example, lots of people have probably seen the chart that vitamin D reduces infection by like close to 50%, which seems to max out around when it gets up to 55 ng/ml. People MIGHT even take a supplement without looking at the dosage, let alone test at all, and then looking up what kind of test because one type is inaccurate when you get beyond something like 40ng/ml and put that together and choose the right test, which is cheap and can be done without a doctors order in the US. Not exactly rocket science but I'll bet big cash most people are too busy bitching at each other online even though (or perhaps because of) this is something independent of vaccine or no vaccine.
  7. RavenGT

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    Heres a doomer twist, riddle me this!

    What if vaccine is actually the savior and non vaccinated will all perish. The elites dont like rebels so all unvaccinated will be subject to fatalities by releasing MEGALODON variant airborne virus

    Ok doomer
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  8. SickSicko

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  9. vikingsarehere

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    I will play along, you just assume that they have god like abilities of making viruses and antidotes, which is not the case and additionally it could never be safe even according to your criteria because things can mutate or change and can bite them in the back.

    What is a lot easier and a safer bet is to fool the sheeple into thinking there is a pandemic then injecting them with all the goodies they want. If you want to keep some sheeple slaves you can always make some placebo shots.

    Now for the rebels they always can take them out in different methods, or perhaps they can take the slow way and make it harder for them to make money, especially after they introduce the digital slave shekel.

    If they are going for a big cull, they can't spare all the sheeple, many sheeple would have to go. And anyhow who would want to put him/herself under the mercy of a master injecting him with unkown substances on hope to be spared to be a good little slave.
  10. FirefromAbove

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    A funny fun story about the administering of the covid vax.

    The hospital in charge of administering the vax “lost” our insurance information. Now how does a multimillion dollar service lose your personal information? As I said funny.
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  11. Atticus

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    Interesting video.

    Side note: I'm still amazed this guy is allowed on Youtube. He was threatened, but he just made a video about the topic and shut the "canceling" down.
  12. It might take something like this:

    And whatever happened to the guy with the super antibodies? Maybe email U of A..

    Lou may have something to fear but Tyler doesn't if his system can handle it.
  13. Oh yeah, along this line of thought I heard on the radio earlier that acts of terrorism is up in the US, but the interesting thing is though different racial groups or whatever gets a share but the vast majority of it is directed against the government! AND it comes FROM people of all ideologies. Everybody hates the government apparently.
  14. Melkhiresa

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    which is why they are not very successful, attacking the government directly will never amount to anything, much better to target softer foes and try to turn the ppl against an increasingly authoritarian regime.
    btw to say that everybody hates the government just because of some negligible attacks is a rather big overstatement.
    i found this for anyone interested according to the article they may soon change their targets.
  15. The point and context is of course it's across the ideological spectrum. Taken out of context any single statement of generalization is.

    It's an observation about the mindset, it also doesn't have to do with how effective they are.
  16. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    There have been far less deaths seen from patients who received TDAP vaccines in almost 100 years than those who received Covid vaccines in the 10 months it was introduced. 6,490 deaths were reported, but looking at the site a month ago from the saved cache it showed more than 13,000 on the CDC website. Very shady. Furthermore, it is extremely too good to be true for a government to give vaccines for free. The governments never care for us anyways.
  17. Melkhiresa

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    the government has always given vaccine for free, it is one of those things that simply cannot be left in the hands of private companies.
  18. The following link is to a video that shows what the COVID-19 vaccine does to the body's organs and tissues, with microscope evidence. It features a super well-qualified doctor who has worked at Mayo Clinic and has expertise in both immunology (e.g. vaccines) and pathology (disease), and who does autopsies, including one of a 50-year-old triathlete who died suddenly after the COVID vaccine. It's a must see.
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  19. Melkhiresa

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  20. It's not very factual to misrepresent what someone is saying, and then tear that misrepresentation apart. It is known as a "fallacy of logic", specifically, of the "Straw man" variety to do so, as this "fact check" does with Dr. Cole. They say, for example:
    But that is NOT what Dr. Cole is claiming. I encourage you to watch his presentation for yourself. The claim is that the toxin from the COVID virus, which the vaccine contains, will work against one's own immune system. With the immune system weakened, there is an increase in many diseases within the body, including cancer. Neither the COVID virus, nor the vaccine for it, CAUSED the cancer--they just helped to defeat the immune system so that the already-present, but kept-in-check disease, could grow more easily.

    Be careful. People often try to misrepresent things for political purposes these days. Don't buy into something too quickly without checking even the "fact check" for its own "facts."

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