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  1. In the navy we have head of the line access to the vaccines, however i do not want it, i believe it was a plandemic and this all plays into bible prophecy, i believe covid was engineered to gain further control over people and to further drive society apart, to make us even more anti social then we already are, and to get us used to obeying everything the government wants. So assuming all this is true why would i take a vaccine for the thing the enemy created, by taking it i am further obeying their agenda and not fighting it, of course my chain of command is putting pressure on me to get it but i feel if i do i will be betraying my conviction and what i believe is right, what do you guys who think like i do think?.
  2. PanteriMauzer

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    Be aware of the fake profets and conspirancy theorists , neither negacionists nor the Covid freaks are right in my opinion, this is a virus another virus that can be deadly to a part of population, but is no Black Death Plague
    Also all governments being part of an shady agenda ? Bullshit

    Dont let some covid"experts"ruin your career

    God loves you anyway and he told to be aware of the fake profets
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    Pick your hill to die on, it this the one?

    I appreciate your convictions and being true to yourself. That kind of integrity is nobel and far fleeting.

    Remember you chose to work for Uncle Sam, and they've already stabbed your ass with far more needles than the rest of us will ever get.

    I say channel your convictions and resolve to being true to yourself and noFap. Win your personal battles before all the daft heroics on the political front.

    Best of luck, God bless you for serving us.
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    Be aware also of the autoproclamed "information professionists" that everyday spread fake news on the journals. Since we live inside an unethic system where minds can be remuld, let people belive what they want, is good to have your critical think activated in a society of automati, of course Fake phrophets that want you belive to Lizard illuminati just want you confused. About what God says, he didn't told you only of be aware of fake prophets and messiah, also told you to kill them.
    For an ethical reason, Christians should stay away from vaccine that are made with Aborted fetuses (and from those christian that says this necessary for the society) but this is not i want to talk about because i don't want to start a boring discussion of hate, we are adapting christianity to society, not society to christianitym that's all. Stay aware also of piece of papers made by human hands, there is great teachment but also questionable things. God is abstract, we only know that God if is really good, he wants from us the yearning of good, the nonviolence, and he don't punish, he teach.
    Of course this is my opinion, my intention is not to make you angry, ecc..don't change your philosophy cause of me but i'm sure this phrase was not necessary because you already know it.
  5. Now THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a true intellectual. Bravo, sir!
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    Yup there are liers and deceivers everywhere , both on mass media and on shady conspirancy theorists sites

    Alot of medicine is achieved in the developing with the usage of fetuses or tumours , and
    They stated, "In the past, vaccines had been prepared using cells from aborted human fetuses, however currently used cell lines are very distant from the original abortions ... today it is no longer necessary to obtain cells from new voluntary abortions, and that the cell lines on which the vaccines are based in are derived solely from two fetuses originally aborted in the 1960’s."

    Involuntary abortions can happen also ,

    I just wantthis shit to end so that i resume my warmongering
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    Getting mine in 11 days - 2nd shot 21 days after that. Signed up to volunteer for 8 hours just to skip ahead in the line by a few months.

    Can't wait.
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    God allows you to use a phone, right?

    That itself has more power over you than the pandemic can ever dream of having. It knows your every move, and even your thoughts, better than any government surveillance program could ever comprehend. Anyone here who works in data or anywhere in the tech industry can also agree to this.

    I always found the “government control” portion of anti-vaxxing to be absurd.
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    Yep i think just a few that make tons of money are happy of this situation. You can do what you want with yourself, i'm not deployed, i don't define myself as free vax but it seem better than stay here and get mad about who is right, no vax or pro vax, these is just kid games for me.
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  10. En?gma

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    Internet was originally used from the Army, so, is a weapon. Internet of Things (smart things) is the ruin of our society from what i am seeing. I write from a dumb tablet and i never bring it with me, i have an old dumb phone with buttons outside, of course if 30 years ago you asked if someone want a portable gps that know where you go and where you want everyone would refuse. watch now, only people costantly watching their screen day and night scrolling social media and share their private life, they buy Smart vacuum cleaner that fencing the house, smart assistaint, the Big Brother, and we introduce in our house by ourself! Overton Window.

    i suggest to read the amazing book of Shoshana Zuboff if you didn't read it. is called Survaillance Capitalism.
  11. So you think I should not get it?. And thank you ^~^.
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    I chose not to take the vaccine.
    My reasons are related to the fact that the long terms effects on this drug are unknown, the survival rate is 99.99% on my age group and I consider myself physically very healthy.

    What is really disturbing and brings more skepticism about this vaccine is all the censorship of the anti-vaccine literature and the social stigma of those who refuse to be vaccinated.
    I see this as a form of manipulation.

    And off-topic:
    This is the smartest thing to do right now for everyone in this forum. It will fix most of the problem we all have here.
    I also have a dumbphone and it's the best decision made to be more productive.
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  13. TrueSaiyan2.0

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    Follow your heart. If it's not right for you don't take it. I really don't want to get it myself, but I've already had "
    Covid" and it was very mild to thank the lord. I myself have an underlying health condition so I might need to in the future. But I was reading on Facebook that one of my friends got the vaccine. It was very unsettling because she worded it like
    "You have to get it to.". I honestly rolled my eyes on the post because It's just like when people are voting. Then they act all cocky because they "voted". That is one of my major peeves about this country. Just vote, don't act all cocky because of it.

    Think for your self in what you want for your life. If your in the navy you are over seas and at different bases where diseases can spread or if your stationed in the US. The country already has your badge on their shoulder. Think to your self if you want to stay in the Navy, is it doing any good for you right now? Are you happy with being on a ship where you can go to war any second?

    I have a buddy that's in the navy so I'll actually ask him about this.
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  14. Yah your right, at the end of the day it’s my decision, am I happy in Japan? Yes, am I happy in the navy?, no. And do I want this vaccine?, no.
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    I'm Christian and I don't think there is a conspiracy or whatever in those vaccines, it really doesn't make any sense at all(I even read people thinking 5g is linked to the vaccine... Or that it even caused the virus)
    But it's the plague of our modern society : Everyone can share their opinion and act like they understand the only truth that all others didn't see.

    It is necessary to get vaccinated if we want to beat this thing. Not only for us but everyone else and especially our elderly.

    That being said, if I can wait a bit to see how people react to the vaccine, it will be better. Usually we wait much longer to authorize a vaccine and that one is a new type of vaccine. Also we don't really know how it will react with the variant so concerns about its efficiency are valid.
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  17. CodeTalker

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    Can you cite a reference for that claim?
  18. CodeTalker

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    While I can agree about the fact that it can know your moves (using GPS and wifi triangulation), I can't agree on them knowing your thoughts. as far as I know, your thoughts are yours alone.

    The thing is that those datas aren't used to manipulate you to be obedient or something like that. It's much more basic : they (marketing companies) just want to make you buy stuff, and we have laws, particularly in Europe, to limit those applications.

    It's good to be careful about privacy on phone and computer but no need to be paranoid. The situation however is much more concerning in China. But AFAIK Europe and America still fight for freedom.
  19. CodeTalker

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    I totally get it.

    The problem is that it's an individual way of thinking. You say you will survive and it's probably true. But what about the people you will contaminate?
    The purpose of the vaccine is to create global immunity so that the virus disappear completely.
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