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  2. NaSa1899

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    This is a great news
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  3. PornFreeMe

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    Yea, I'm relieved. Part of my addiction was to look thru them prior to PMO.
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  4. Poseidon

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    Heh, I’ve had a successful relationship that originated from a Craigslist personal ad. It’s not all weirdos on there, but there is a lot of them! *faints*
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  5. Timeon

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    I didn't realize craigslist had a personal ad section until now.

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Great. Too bad there's still quite a few hookup websites and apps that masquerade as dating sites though.
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  7. thank GOD! I was so addicted. and I am not even gay.
  8. Thank God for that.
  9. I heard about this yesterday. Craigslist was my #1 temptation. I am happy it's gone.
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  10. Ongoingsupport

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    Well I can see different sides to it, because I've had interactions that were rich but ultimately limited, even very short. But as it is maybe people will be more honest about what they're looking for and go straight to hookup sites instead of posting under "strictly platonic" when it is more like "obviously not."
  11. but do you know a good app for that? or site?
  12. Ongoingsupport

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    No I don't think there IS a good app or site for that, the fact that it happened the few times it did on CL was pretty random.

    Well not completely random, I would say probably all of the times the person that made the post wrote in enough detail, and for whatever reason I read the whole thing without "oh squirrel!" and kind of got a good sense of who they are as a person. Even if they turned out to have serious psychological/psychiatric issues or just wasn't going to work long term.
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  13. yeah, I am done 'looking' time to do 90 days of nofap and move on to real meeting people, at real places. I think all dating sites will go out of style at some point.
  14. Ongoingsupport

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    I wish I could say I believed that. I think with people here, who have more awareness about it yes, if they keep working on it but I think it can get a lot worse for the mainstream and even people who have what would be considered respectable lives. I'm sure you know people who have a good life, better than many PAs but they don't think their compulsive online dating is an issue. I really see this as an addiction that people do not even know exists, it's too subtle and works on the level of how people think instead of craving one substance.
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  15. NSD91

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  16. I decided agaist it. never doing that kind of thing again, it is not worth the head ache.
  17. DarkwingDuck

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    It’s a step in the right direction. Still have a lot of work to do to stop sexual exploitation.
  18. Well done USA. I wish they'd get rid of the international versions too.
  19. Poseidon

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    Sexual exploitation existed long before the internet and will continue to exist long after it.
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  20. Theguywiththething

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    This does nothing to stop sexual exploitation or human trafficking. It actively hurts sex workers. A very close friend wrote an article pertinent to this you can find here

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