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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by FutureKing, Jul 26, 2020.

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    Today I was hit with a craving for cannabis. I recognize it as a heavy PMO trigger, and also one that causes me sexual desire and shame. I decided to issue a hard no today. It is difficult because it is totally legal here, I can drive less then a mile and purchase it at a retail shop easier then buying a bottle of liquor. My 64 day streak also coincides with my 64 day cannabis and cigarette streak. I used to be a heavy user, up to a gram or more a day. I quit cold turkey when I quit PMO as they are interwoven together, I couldn't quit one without the other. It's interesting how easy the hard no was to issue today, probabpy because of the willpower created from NoFap.
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    Cannabis is only the downfall of you man. 90% of people who smoke weed don't amount to anything. I've smoked weed for 10 years straight and I feel like it tool a huge toll on my memory capacity and cognitive learning. The whole point of NoFap is to give up self pleasures, without it you are more likely to seek pleasure from others. Idk about you but weed just made me antisocial, unmotivated, and fucking lazy. I abused it yes, but I never wanted to stop. I kept letting it get in the way of my life goals. I gave away women, education, friends, etc. from my weed addiction. When you die at old age do you think your more likely to think about all the days you got high or the things you accomplished? Forget weed, getting high off life is way better.
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  3. I first masturbated to pornography aged 14, I first smoked weed aged 15. I didn't know any better, I was essentially just a child listening to that ridiculous bastard Dr. Dre, but as far as I am concerned, they are comorbidities, two aspects of the same problem

    Only now, nearly 17 years later, have I realised the terrible effect this so-called "soft" drug has had on my life and mental health. It's so insidious because people would have you believe there are no downsides to being a stoner whatsoever; they say it's not addictive; they say it makes you creative; they say it helps with anxiety and depression: but it's all just fucking bollocks.
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    There are a lot of mixed opinions on weed and rightfully so. For some, it really is just a soft drug that is fun every once in a while and for others it can consume their every walking hours and at worst introduce them to much harder substances. It is a person to person thing, however, a lot of info is drowned out by the potential positives. I have a friend in California who had severe depression for much of his life. He had started smoking around HS and later got his medical card and only after finding the right strains does it even him out along with other medication.

    At the same time, i have people who become completely zonked, anxious, and tweak tf out after hitting the blunt once. It doesn't help that people actively seek out the strongest weed.

    Weed has aphrodisiac properties to it im pretty sure, and when you're trying to get away from PMO, that doesn't help. Again, it doesn't help that a lot of weed now is intentionally made to be strong unless you're able to go the medical route and find the proper strength. For me, it is not in my best interest to use THC alone as i am probably 75% more liable to eventually relapse/binge.

    This is my own personal experience, and take it with a pound of salt: Pure CBD and CBD strains with ~.3% THC do not nearly have the same aphrodisiac properties as mid-high THC strains/products. I will recognize that it is still there, however when i used to low strength strain (5-10%) I was able to think clearly and did not have urges. I have used higher strength strains and the aphrodisiac effect returns in a similar form.

    With all that said, from my experience THC and higher strength CBD are aphrodisiac. THC should deff be used with extreme caution if you are giving up PMO and CBD should be used with low-mid strains unless you want similar aphrodisiac effects.
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    I fully agree with this post. I use cannabis regularly, but it has very little thc in it. It helps with arthritis, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s funny when I go to the dispensary and order the CBD strain with almost no thc. They seem almost a bit surprised. It’s sort of like going into the package store and buying a case of odouls non alcoholic beer.
  6. If you need anything external to open your mind, exercise your chakras (or whatever hippie bs these tantarics say) and fulfill your destiny... Then in my eyes (and that's my opinion) you are doing something very wrong with your life.
  7. Here in Britain we are confined to the black market and nobody has a fucking clue what they are smoking. I mean, dealers will tell you they have a certain strain with an impressive sounding name, but as to the THC/CBD ratio, nobody knows.

    A few years ago our prime minister at the time David Cameron had weed reclassified from a class C drug to a Class B, making possession and dealing in theory a more serious criminal offence. He said his reasoning was that the weed sold in Britain nowadays was much more potent and psychoactive than it used to be (obviously because of a higher THC content). At the time I was an avid stoner so I disagreed with the decision, but now I see that the old Etonian bastard was right all along.
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    CBD is a really good relaxer for me. The strain i have now is 23.5% so i've laid off after i noticed the body high, which can become a problem if i smoke alone. Side note: I bought some non alcoholic beer and i'd describe it as seltzer water with a hint of hops. I'd stick to low ABV beer with 2-3% for a good taste.
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  9. Dub_Bass

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    Yeah around where im at its not hard to get legal weed. Its a 30 minute trip up the high way. I haven't bought street weed in ages because anyone who smokes knows at least one person with a medical card it seems. And some guys focus so much on strength they ignore the other positives of weed. Last summer i bought some hand to hand weed and it got me blasted...i also binged so bad i had to hide the weed from myself...Months later when i was bored inside i checked my jar and remembered that i never flushed it away lmao, but yeah strength =/= quality.

    My friend who has his medical card due to anxiety and depression a strain that was 10% Indica and 6% CBD and when i tell you that was the best strain i've smoked...relaxing in just the right way with no aphrodisiac effect.
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    Nobody smokes "once in a while". If you do, you don't really care for it, and that's a good thing.

    I can never touch weed again or i'll be back on.
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    I had a friend who told me it helps his ADHD problem and another who got psychosis and had to go to an asylum.

    This drug really affect people differently.

    In my case, I never really got into it. Everytime I would take a hit, I would stop feeling my body. It drove me completely crazy, a '' bad trip'' is what we would call it...

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