Cravings at the 2 week mark??

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  1. Hi all - I have been trying to gain sobriety over porn for 2 years now and have found that things are fine with relatively few urges and lots of optimism with thoughts like "I don't need it. Im fine without it" Then around 2 weeks the cravings start to kick in hard - I start to do much more "middle circle" behaviors: looking for non-porn images on social media, searching youtube for provocative content, etc. Its been extremely hard for me to not relapse at this point and its always at 2 weeks. Ive only made it past this a handful of times and then the cravings come and go. Anyone else have experience with this?
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    Muchos, es una forma de auto engaño, comienza con sub-P y en cualquier momento estamos en algo más y más estimulante... Eso me ocurrió esta semana , hay que cuidarse y aprender ....
  3. For me it's the third and fourth weeks. I have heard that for a lot of guys days 10-30 are the hardest. And yeah I can relate to the "middle circle" behaviors, or at least when I was new to nofap. I try not to do that now.
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