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Crazy days entries...tell us a story, shall we?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Deleted Account, Nov 8, 2018.

Ever risked your life for something stupid?

  1. Yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. What's the craziest thing you did, that you can tell your kids, if you have, that you did? What was the most risky attempts you took? What is you most memorable moments?
  2. I once, jumped out of my window with a black towel tied around my neck, screaming im batman!

    My dad burglar proofed the window after...;):D
  3. What!!!???? Lol! Did you break any bones?
  4. Nope, had stitches on my nose though.
  5. I did something crazy by accident if that counts. I was living in Florida and i went swimming a litgle ways out in the ocean near some small mounds of sand like mini islands (i took a speedboat to get there). Anyway, i swam around for awhile and later on when i came back to the beach, i was talking to one of the locals and he told me that i was completely insane. Apparently that was a well known mating ground for sharks and i was in peak mating season. Needless to say, i didn't swim there any more.
  6. Lol, its not easy being Batman is it?
  7. during my pilot training a while ago, I was at about 14,000 feet and the winds were so stupidly strong that I wondered how slow I could get if I slowed down into the headwind. the answer was 0. I flew an airplane straight and level at 0 knots grounspeed. it was so weird looking out of the window and seeing nothing move, just hovering in the air like a helicopter.
  8. So many things man.. Honestly should be dead statistically
  9. But life goes on...:D
  10. Aye... now thats innovative..
  11. I was so careful as a kid and didn't take much risks. Although when I was in my early teens I almost got by a car while riding my bike.
  12. @Rio , so you stunt jump and dodge the car? Hehe... good times!
  13. Wow! Great ones!

    When I was still very much into bicycling I did two things regularly that could have gotten me seriously injured or killed.

    I used to draft trucks in heavy traffic. And I used to be a crazy fast downhill descender. With a good hill I’d tuck in and get into the high 40’s mph on the bike. Fastest I ever gotten was 49 mph, never was able to hit 50.

    Interestingly the only bicycling accident I had that put me in hospital was a slower flat ride where I went off the trail, down an embankment, and slammed into a tree head first. I was seeing double after that one.
  14. So you're a Born Danger Stranger then... I had my share of risk when i was in highschool. Now I take risk with money.

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