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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by mijereah, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. mijereah

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    Guys-- last night I had this crazy dream where I went to one of my fav porn sites and upon looking at it I saw a bunch of ugly girls on there. I thought I would post this because I am about 18 days into my recovery and I think PMO wants to rear it's ugly head at me. Do any of your dreams consist of you going on a computer and looking at porn? I thought it was kinda strange. I actually felt kind of guilty in my dream thinking that the dream was really reality and that I had actually messed up and looked at porn! Wow! That would suck if it was actually real cause then I would have effed up my streak! Dang!
  2. No,Actually I Haven't heard anyone of having a dream of Using a computer.That shows You are innovative. :p
    -But Dreams are Dreams.Let Them Come.Remember You Have the Choice to do What's right and What's Wrong.And Just Enjoy Your Life.Don't be stressed.:)
  3. Thanatos

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    Mijereah yes I have had dreams about looking at porn. I hate those.
  4. Schia

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    Mijjereah - I don't want to sound too optimistic, but as someone who dabbles in dreams and their deeper meanings, that sounds to me as if your brain is starting to reject PMO. It sees P as something ugly, undesirable. It shows you that something you once did for pleasure is no longer pleasurable.
  5. NoBrainer

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    Yes, I've had quite a few dreams involving watching porn or masturbating. They range from looking at porn as if giving in, to being tempted and not giving in. I would say that such dreams are your brain's way of trying to get it's fix internally, since you have cut out external sources of porn over the last 18 days. Keep on abstaining, and the dreams slowly decrease in frequency with time. Or that's what I've found anyway.
  6. MadFarmer

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    I'm glad to see this is normal. I've been clean for over 20 days now and probably 9 out of the last 10 nights I've had dreams where I somehow see naked women, without me seeking them out, and I feel conflicted, look away, and then freak out that I need to reset my day count. Then I wake up and realize it was just a dream and that I'm still doing great. I think for me it's partly withdrawals and a deep fear of relapse because of how my porn use affected my wife the last time I confessed it to her. The brain is a crazy thing.
  7. mijereah

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    I had yet another crazy dream this past week, but last night I had a wet dream and woke up with my pants all wet so I had to run to the bathroom without anyone seeing me!! fuck!!
  8. crushurcravings

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    I have them quite frequently as well. I think I end up edging a bit in my sleep due to those dreams also, even though I cannot say for certain. On the other hand, dreams are somewhat random and I don't think there's much to do about it so you'll just have to push through it and let the bad neuropathways weaken and eventually subside altogether.
  9. noeledge

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    I had my first 'withdrawal dream' this morning and I'm pretty glad others are going through it as well. Man it is was a weird feeling to relapse, but not really.

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