CRAZY RESULTS-Day 28, and a question

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Mnpipedream, Jan 28, 2020.

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    Hey all,

    Long story short, day 28 hard mode. Since starting this, I’ve had amazing energy, been going to the gym twice a day for the past week and got below 20% body fat (17.8)! The last time I was this low had to be high school!

    I have super clear thinking, confidence and am just generally very happy. I’ve been eating much much healthier, getting at least 7 hours sleep and I’m motivated to go out and start doing things instead of just lounging around.

    Quick background, age 29 and have only had sex a handful of times in my lifetime and it has never been good/enjoyable. I believe pied was the reason.

    My question is, am I able to have sex on hard mode? I won’t watch porn again and have no desire to do so, it’s not something I’m worried about. After 28 days, I feel like I am ready for sex and it feels like something I want to naturally do.

    Any advice on this would be appreciated. (Porn background was watching a couple nights a week, PMO’ING, but steadily progressed to watching it for almost an hour at a time)

    I appreciate all types of feedback and would be happy to answer questions
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