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    Hey, new to this so I'll briefly explain.

    First off I do have a counselor that I will be discussing this with but I'm trying to do nofap so I thought I'd post I'd. 28 virgin, social anxiety never asked a girl out, been watching porn for a decade at least. (Once a day fandom, cuckold, hentai, you name it)

    Got into a girl who seemed to reciprocate but then things went sour. (Never dated though) Recently saw creepshots, started taking some of her from behind would delete right afterward but then later when masterbating would recover with a photo recovery tool.

    Had been five days nofap but today saw her and against my better judgement took some pics, thought I had deleted them all but two remained. Well I finally deleted the other two but no I'm restarting.

    Feel like shit when I do it and when I use the pictures later on but it's like somehow I feel addicted and more aroused.
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    Hey! I have a post called ”Shared pictures of my GF”, I did the same things and ended up showing them on a site online for short periods of time, and just like you I couldnt stop.

    My post might help you!

    I couldnt stop until I told her about it and was honest, and today we are engaged and living our best lives, still feeling shame though, but I keep reminding myself that I did it as a coping mechanism to escape and flee from emotions, as I have been through some very tough times between the age of 17 and 23.

    You do have to stop your behaviour though, as you realise that its not nice.
    Lots of people take creepshots but if you feel like its not something you want to do, and that she might not think so too, then you need to stop.
    The reason I kept doing it for months was that I never really thought about that it was wrong, as I wouldnt have cared if my GF did it towards me, but I finally realised that it wasnt fair, so I stopped and then told her.

    Feel free to PM me or ask me any questions!
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    that is not that weird man... i always fantasized with it, i masturbate to creepshots too and i have to admit i wanted to take creepshots once, with a reallly really hot girl i saw on a store, i used to visit that store very often and i really wanted to remember her body , so i waas going to take a picture but i never did... because you can get caught man and you will get in a big trouble, what would happen if she catch you doing it or if someone else saw you ? they could call the police etc, jus think about it and if you are going to do it at least buy a hidden spy cam, there are a lot of them on ebay... and at least you are not going to get caught, im not going to recommend you it, but i know you will keep taking pictures of her, so it would better to use a spy cam
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    No, a spy cam is even worse, as it makes it easier for the guy to act out with the bad behaviour. Its also way more creepy as the girls wouldnt even see that he was holding a phone/camera.

    I have taken ”creepshots” (photos with my phone visible but without asking) of my GF as stated in my post above, even used them online to get attention (face cropped out) during when I was at rock bottom and was young and dumb, it was a way for me to escape my problems in life while having two severly ill parents that I just couldnt cope with.
    Later on I told her about it all and managed to stop and because of that, its all fine today.

    That wasnt good of me, I would never do it nowadays, but let me tell you;
    When I was at my lowest of low, I wouldnt even THINK about using hidden spy-cams, and especially not on complete strangers in public areas.

    When we do bad things, we should be big enough to face the consequenses of our actions, and preferably bring up the subject by ourselves rather than ”getting caught”, thats what I did. Its the only way to show both yourself but also the world that you admit your mistakes and have learned something.
    Using spy cameras is the opposite. Its degenerate, creepy and f”cked up on so many levels.

    What I did was bad, but I cant even imagine what it would feel like if I used spy cameras.. I mean, sure people could see that someone has a phone and therefore could take photos, but seeing someone walk around without a phone or camera, taking secret photos with some James Bond-gadget camera hidden and not visible?

    Really, once someone realises that he doesnt think creepshotting feels or is okay, then immediately stopping should come naturally, at least it did for me.
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    you right, i never took pics of girls in public, i wanted to but i didnt and i will not do it... but in this case this guy is taking pictures with his phone , he can get caught easily, and what is worse for him? getting caught and having to explain the police why he was taking pictures of that girl's back, or being smarter and use a spy cam to avoid getting caught?... there are so many button size spy cam on the internet, which you can buy and you can film for 1 hour by presssing a button , it is almost impossible to get caught... im not trying to convice him to buy a spy cam to film girls in public or something like that, he is an adult and he knows what to do and he will probably keep taking pictures or filming girls in public.
    We cant tell him what is bad or good , he definitely know whats Good and Bad for him, but what is immoral for you might not be immoral for him or for someone else, we all are different ..
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    Think:If a woman caught you taking that picture, how do you think they would feel?

    In a reverse scenario, if you were a woman and someone was aggressively stalking you to photograph, what would you think of that person?
    If you know it's wrong, you have to do everything you can to stop it. I use to take pictures like that before I started nofap. Looking back on it now I see I made a lot of mistakes that I now regret. It's never the right option to take the pictures.

    "Guy taking pictures up my sundress walking home from the bank. I panicked and ran home to my boyfriend's house and went inside and slammed the door. I felt mad at myself for years about not standing up for myself or telling him to fuck off. My therapist and I worked through that and now I realize it's his fucking fault for being a pervert"

    "Yes, and I raise immortal hell every single time. I'm a grown woman who can handle whatever, but the same assholes are undoubtedly creeping on kids, too. Someone has to call them out.
    I'm their huckleberry."

    "I was a go-go dancer for a bit, so would have people taking pics and vids of me all the time. But one time a guy came and stood right under where I was dancing and took a zoomed in video of my downstairs.

    I didn't actually catch him, but one of the bouncers did. He took the guys phone, made him unlock it, then watched the video he had sent to his friends, and deleted it. The bouncer wouldn't tell me what exactly was shown in video, I was wearing pole shorts with large fishnets underneath, but maybe more flesh was showing than what I meant to show, because he was MAD. Anyway, the only thing that saved that guy from a beating was that there were police on the street. He got kicked out of the club."

    " Didn’t see it myself but my store manager saw him with his phone pointed at my ass while I was restocking games on the bottom shelf. Dude was with his sons and his wife had just walked out to get a table at the restaurant next door. He went up to the guy and stood over him aggressively asking if he could help him with anything. My store manager then sent me to the back for a sec."
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