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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ClaudeDuval, Jul 1, 2018.

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    Problem: Greetings, everyone. I have been on this forum before but "fell off the wagon" tumbled down the mountain and hit every branch of failure on the way down. I'm here to try this again... As you all know addiction is a progression, just as a heroin addict has to keep upping their dose, so does the porn addict. Things went from standard porn to creepy fetishes like BDSM/Rape fantasy submissive/dominate sort of things and it started to creep into my actual sex life to the point where I could not "get off" unless abuse was involved.

    Reason: The reason I am here is not because I am a Christian religious man like most of you(although an ally to some degree) but because of political/lifestyle reasons. I identify with trad/right wing political circles where all forms of degeneracy are frowned upon(pop music, entertainment industry), especially porn. Porn is a left wing creation and the founders of porn are shamed among my people. If I can battle this sickness and addiction once and for all I will be a stronger and better man. Can anyone relate? If so, please comment or PM me. We can talk weight training, politics, social topics, whatever. Thanks..... - Schenk mir ein wunder!
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    Though I don't relate to your views, I also had fantasies like that, and nofap did reduce them.
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    Porn is a drug, that's why there is porn addict. Remember the first porn you watched? It was amazing, wonderful, but you don't remember genre. I wanted to say that the first hits are all good, because they are first. But time-to-time your bran/body becomes resistant to this drug, so you need more dosage to reach that high. This kind of shit works for porn too, our brain always seeks to reach that dopamine high, for this it needs new genres, fetishes, BDSM, rape, etc.
    Brain needs re-wiring and it comes from abstaining from PMO. Time heals those fetishes and if you succeed, your sexual desire will get to normal.
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    True, "normal" porn is quite violent to begin with. It doesn't help that my GF also enjoys my fetish(she was a porn addict as well)... She likes being smacked, choked, abused, etc. while having sex. Almost all females I know have this fetish, they watch things like 50 shades and read rapey novels, it's everywhere. Most women want to be "owned" in the bedroom... as a heterosexual man, it's hard to escape violent sex.
  5. Who founded porn? Most people use there right wing to fap btw...
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    Ba dum tsss! Good one. lol I don't discuss that here but early forms of pornography were called modern "art" by some people or "erotic" literature. It was popular in the early 19th Century around Berlin cinemas(Madchen In Uniform, lesbianic films) and things like Hirschfeld's "Institute of Sexology" in Berlin. These things were always used for subversion or as "revolutionary" tools, you can defeat people without firing a single bullet. These forms of "Art" are one of the main vehicles that would later be used to bring about what Nietzsche would call the transvaluation of all values. Evil won, momentarily... Now we get to see kids being sexy in media and Miley cyruses dildo for your children's viewing pleasure.
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    Most people in the world don't wanna talk about situations like porn and circumcision because they are jokes. The only people who will ever realize the problems are the ones affected by it.
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