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    hello guys,i've been in nofap for over 90days as of now,and the benefits are real.anyways i will be direct to point...i developed crush on girl in college but she is in another class.first time she caught me unawares checking her out,and she maintained intense eye contact for sometime.after a few days without seeing her,today,by chance i happened to near cafeteria just to check her as it was tea break,magically,she right on stairs going to same direction,alone,only me and her,,we made eye contact but somehow i was the one who broke first,then we walked down stairs clinging behind her and there was unusual silence..after that i felt frustrated because i thought i was supposed to say hi, im wondering
    1)could this have destroyed intimacy that was about to start,(this was 1st time to come close to her that much),because that was an opportunity i wasted,
    2)next time if we meet,will it look awkward to say hi to her..
    3)from ladies perspective,does it mean that intense eye contact,especially to stranger mean anything much..
    i need some advice guys...
    NB..we never talked before
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    1. It's not too late to initiate something. A smile, a greeting, a conversation (probably in that order).
    2. Next time you see her and the opportunity arises just make eye contact again but this time smile and say hi to her. Make sure you smile first.
    3. I'm not a lady but in my experience if a girl is uncomfortable around you she will definitely not make eye contact let alone anything resembling 'intense'. It's more than likely her way of welcoming you to engage in conversation.

    So my advice to you is first, calm your nerves. But if you're still a tiny bit nervous while talking to her this is fine, it's natural. Try not to overthink this because that's where you might hurt your chances. Don't even think up scenarios of "this is what I'll do when I see her again". Just let it happen naturally.

    You've got this. Let us know how it goes!
  3. newdawn(10-17)

    newdawn(10-17) Fapstronaut

    thanks for your response bro,lets wait and see,i appreciate
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    If women are not interested, they will completely ignore you. She is definitely giving you signs to strike up a conversation. She might even be thinking the same things, being too nervous to say something.
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  5. I can tell you from years of dating and winning and losing in the dating game of life . If she like you she doesn't care if you nervous or not, You have to approach her don't over think it . When I was in school many years ago I approached a girl very nervously I was sure my face was as red as an apple and my speech was nervous and guess what she didn't care she said yes when I asked her out don't overthink it women that like you , like you as you are
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    You did give the sign that you might not into her, so its up to you to make that convo happen. If you can do 90 nofap, you can do this aswell!
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  7. newdawn(10-17)

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    i hope so,appreciate your response
  8. newdawn(10-17)

    newdawn(10-17) Fapstronaut

    thats dope statement there,thanks
  9. Your welcome , just dropping some knowledge of over 23+ years in the dating scene

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