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  1. Hi! So I met this Chinese foreign exchange student last week, she's shy and doesn't like making friends due to a horrible past with making friends, but one day after school she came up to me and we started talking, towards the end I managed to get her phone number. For a week now we've been texting each other and talking with each other alone after school, and she trusts me more than she should, I say this because she's only known me for a week, but luckily for her I'm a very trustworthy guy. I think that she likes me, though she's from a China so maybe she's just being friendly, but anyway I like her too and I'm planning on telling her this next Monday. What do you guys think, is next moday too late, too soon, or perfect?
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  2. BTW I've never dated a girl, but things are turning out very well between us.
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    I would say proceed with caution. Foreign exchange students typically study abroad for 1 year before returning back to their country. I doubt her main goal is looking for an long term love relationship (maybe an hook up here and there...)

    A lot of info seems to be missing from here. Is she flirting with you?

    I would hold off on telling her about your feelings. Instead invite her out for an coffee and get to know her an bit more. Then proceed how you see fit.

    How long is she studying abroad for? What does she like to do in her spare time? What is her hometown like? What does she like about your country so far since she started studying abroad. What does her parents do? Compare similarities and differences between the two countries, etc.

    Most likely she is trying to make connections with people. Good chance that you wont be the only person she will be talking too in the future.
  4. She's spent a year here and so far I'm the person she has been the nicest too, she'll even walk with me out the door. She's staying for a while, and plans on coming back next year. Most of the questions you rased I know the answers to, I'm just not going to say them for privacy reasons. Her and I have talked a bit, perhaps we should talk more.
  5. Well I was friendzoned, but I'm still infatuated with them, and we're still close friends. I gotta say it was the nicest rejection one could possibly get. Anyway is there any tips to get rid of this infatuation.
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    You didn't wait until Monday?! Lol

    My advice is it's not too late lol. Don't let your dreams be dreams. Jk kid, you blew it. Jk again... the best way to get over it is to friendzone her back. Still be nice but don't try to do boyfriend type stuff or things that will try to win her over. Eventually you'll have power over your feelings and if things don't go your way, you won't feel guilty about it. I've friendzoned pretty much every girl since my breakup 3 years ago and now i don't feel bad about not getting with anyone in a serious relationship xD.. just stay away from the porn because it will make you feel worse
  7. The infatuation went away, a least a little bit, but her and I are very close friends, for instance we went to get some coffee the other day, she's acting like the love profession never happened, which is good for our friendship.
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    yes i agree with you

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