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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by wizard, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. wizard

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    So here I go blaming my whole situation on feeling crushy.
    Basically, I have a massive crush (hooray!) so no pmo for several days. Then I don't see my crush or lose the dizzy feeling . . . and back to pmo again.
    Obviously it's the drugs in pmo, which are the same as the drugs in cocaine/heroin/sugar/lust/love/whatever.
    I nearly reached 60 days pmo free. A long time ago though.
    I must get back to that feeling, so much energy, strength, mindfulness and happiness!!

    Just noticed how there is a huge link between me feeling attracted to a girl and pmo.
    I tend to have no trouble whilst I have intense feelings for a girl.
    Maybe the goal is to embrace the feeling I have? She let me know she's not interested, so that's rather pointless?

    Arggghhh crushes suck
  2. avatarivn

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    (I might be missing the point but) maybe the fact that you relapse when you are not interested in a real girl is a sign that you are going through the reboot process with the wrong mindset (perhaps I am wrong). My point is that one can not depend on external factors to make sustainable change inside, especially when so linked to the healing process.

    I think its important to do this for yourself, regardless of having the possibility of dating someone or not.

    From my personal experience, everytime I was interested in someone, I was never ready to try and ask her out. I pretended I didn't care that much about it, but now I realize that it was my porn addiction what kept me unable to relate with other people and even less with a romantic partner.

    Wish you good luck on the romantic scene.
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  3. wizard

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    I appreciate your input! Yeah, I see where you're coming from. I'm not sure that its the wrong mindset, this is just an observation I have made.
    I find it EASIER to stop pmo when I have feelings for a girl.

    So true though, it is important regardless of anyone else.

    Porn and masturbation desensitize us to so much of the world. During my 58 day clean period, I felt so connected to everything and so emotionally available to others,
    I even teared up whilst watching a movie hahaha (I never cry).


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