Crushing Calisthenics Challenge (C3)

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    Welcome to C3.

    To participate you need not be able to do any amount of the following however you must be willing to practice daily. Without daily practice, you may still participate but the challenge will be a daily one and you may fail at it by slacking off however no one is going to judge or punish you for failure. The one we are competing with is mainly the one we see when we look in the vanity glass.

    There will be multiple phases however C3 is a precursor to these phases. Think of this as a crusher of a warm-up. It will involve push-ups (press-ups if you prefer), chin-ups & pull-ups, and dips.

    The first week you are to alternate days of doing push-ups, pull-ups/chins, and dips. That is Monday is push-ups, Tues. is pull-ups/chins, Wed. is dips, Thurs. push-ups, Fri. pull-ups/chins, Sat. dips, Sun. all three and post how many of each you can do at once. The next week same thing, and the next week same thing, and the next week same thing. 1 month in total. Everyday. You may also select berserker difficulty and do push-ups, pull-ups/chins, and dips every single day and count how many of each you can do at once on Sundays. The last day of the month try to do as many of each as you can and make that number more than the start of the month.

    In other words if you choose berserker mode just do as many of the above listed calisthenic exercises every single day you can for the month of October and report back how many reps of each exercise you can do in a single set on Sundays and the last day of October. Pat yourself on the back if there is a substantial increase from the amount you could do when you started this challenge. If you drop out of the challenge no hard feelings, pat yourself on the back for trying.

    May the berserker spirit guide you.

    Sorry if that is confusing but essentially it is what it is and no one is making you attempt this. I will report in on Sundays and the last day of October and perhaps in between for motivation or to report dropping out if I get crushed and am unable to continue through the entire month.

    Feel free to break yourself in for the next week or so before this officially begins. I will post on the first to alert us it has begun in case newcomers or anyone else interested forgets about this who might be interested in at least attempting it.


    Pain is expected and should not intimidate one. Getting crushed through this type of force is not unhealthy. It is just one month long. Keep track of your own progress in here as no one else will do that for you. That's it, either do it or don't. It is just a way to increase the amount of the above exercises one can do and is not a certified fitness program by any means.

    Edit: Just exit the challenge if you miss a day or else keep going however consider yourself unable to say you completed it if you do not report the total reps each Sunday of October and the final count the last day of the month. If you report that then even if you miss a day you can still consider the challenge completed. The next challenge in this series, or phase rather, will be stricter in terms of daily practice.

    2nd Edit: This challenge can be completed anytime however as the author of it I will only be participating the month of October. I suppose I cannot limit you to do it only during that month but this is how the challenge is being run. If you want to start a similar one not restricted to a single calendar month that will remain active and open by you as the author of it, by all means do it. However I will be gone from this come November.
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    Challenge is being closed due to being too general for some. I mean a new one will be constructed that is more complete and specific for the convenience of participants. It will be called C4.


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