Crying daily

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Furozima10, May 28, 2022.

  1. Furozima10

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    Crying daily because I can't stop this drug and can't win against my own demons.
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  2. Crying is a good release. Do that instead of releasing your seed. If anything … cry more.
  3. 7matrix

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    Well you're crying.

    You're going thru a purge, so keep fighting
  4. pump20

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    Crying is not a bad thing because it helps to get sexual thoughts out of our heads. It helped me a lot and it should help you a lot too.
  5. IGY

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    It is good to find expression for your feelings. :) Even better if you can open up to someone in your life about all this.
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  6. Settle your thoughts and try to feed the thought into your subconscious that PMO is not good. It had taken enough of you already but not anymore. Recognition of the bad patterns is the first thing towards taking action for recovery.
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  7. Million_Man

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    To cry is okay. But let me ask you something... do you cry after your relapses or whenever you are in a flatline?
  8. As others have said crying can be good, I believe it can be good because it lets you know you're human. I hope you defeat your demons and feel joy someday.
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  9. BROO I USED TO CRY SO MUCH TOO. Like So much. I used to ball my eyes out daily in private because of this addiction. After a while I just stopped because I dont care anymore. Relapse or not relapse, who cares. Relapses are tons of fun anyway, and this addicction is almost impossible to beat. I see people saying crying is good. Its not. Not on this level. too much of anything is not good. So thats stupid why people are saying its good. I was there, and if u are talking about the same crying and emotional instability I had, then idk how on earth that is a good thing. It had a lot of negative effects on me, rather than just being emotionally stable which is obviously better. Thats the issue with this forum, a lot of bad advice.
  10. Obviously if it's like idk every 2 hours or so that's horrendous but a lot of bad advice? I don't necessarily know about that one.
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