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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ItsNotWorthIt, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. ItsNotWorthIt

    ItsNotWorthIt Fapstronaut

    Been crying for over 30 minutes these are the last minutes.

  2. IGY

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    What's on your mind?
  3. ItsNotWorthIt

    ItsNotWorthIt Fapstronaut

    nothing special, just have these bursts once in a while
    after it i feel great
  4. IGY

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  5. This is called emotional processing, bro. What you're doing is good!
    We were made to experience and feel all of our emotions, whether painful or pleasurable. You release an emotion by feeling it. Sometimes you'll want to cry 'for no reason', but the idea is to just go with it and allow your body to do what it is trying to do. It's releasing something. Could be something related to childhood, or it might not even be anything as deep as that. The more emotions we release, the more we're heading towards emotional bliss. That's why you said you feel great afterwards. Keep it up. You're doing what I've been talking about on here for months. I just don't think many get it yet, or see the amazing benefits of this. Even psychologists encourage this.
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  6. fapequalsdeath

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    Woah, you actually posted a video how you cry. I'd also say it's a good thing I can't cry even when I force myself to. But that's why I am mastering meditation and using it as an alternative to emotional discharge.
  7. HopeFaith

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    Hey, I know nofap has got a power to take this away. Since I have started on my nofap journey I feel more emotionally stable. I had panic attacks for 1 year before and needed meds and my fear and crying outbursts were uncontrollable at times. Mine were so unpleasant I wanted to die to end the pain. Cry it all out until you are empty. Can you share why you cry and what is causing your pain? It really helps to disclose and to talk it through. It can be on line or in real five. If you hide that feeling it can stay with you much longer and return over and over.

    Please stick with your nofap, it really makes a change for better.

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