Cryptocurrency thread: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, etc - discuss it all here.

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  1. TheGoldenEra

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    Anyone now how to mine Altcoins like the Elliotcoin. Struggling to find a software atm
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    Bitcoin bounces above $8,400 — but it's still worth almost $200 billion less than its record high. Its market value has fallen by a total of almost $200 billion. You can follow Cryptonewstrends for the latest and updated cryptocurrency news about the world's most popular virtual coins.
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    Question is, is there leverage? Cos I don't touch that shit
  4. Me and some other people were thinking of hosting an anonymous bake sale on the dark web. Basically trade cryptocurrency for brownies and cookies (and privacy TYVM.) I was going to start a .onion sight, and list my wares, and just waste the government's time.
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    That was years ago. But as if you compare to 2019 you'll get one bitcoin almost $5k. In the start, if you thinking to invest your money that's still a risk if you don't even know the market ups and down. and even if you're new in crypto learn about crypto trading. Cause sometimes people want to buy crypto, prices will increase, if people want to sell it, then prices will decrease. However, the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy stages and face large market volatilities since its creation.
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    I check latest match results and found an opportunity to make extra money on bets. Who wants to try it with me. Let's cooperate in discord.
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    Does anyone know about current prices on the market? I've heard all cryptocurrency got cheaper and it's time to buy it. I took care about that immediately and took loan here to use money in trading. I guess it was the right decision
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