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Cue exposure therapy - risky or rewarding?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. I stumbled upon this video on YouTube. It explains of an approach which I am reluctant to try as I already got a good streak going and I consider that this can be risky.

    What are your thoughts on cue exposure therapy?

    Did this method help anyone in their rebooting process?

  2. Indurian

    Indurian Fapstronaut

    I've not watched the video but if it suggests a non reactive exposure to porn then I would definitely avoid.

    I tried that, and was kidding myself more times than I can remember. I thought I had it cracked a few times but inevitably relapsed shortly after.

    Doing this also ended every decent streak I had going
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  3. Yeah I also think so.

    I got the impression that one required a great degree of self-control in order to use this method. But let's be honest, the reason why so many of us are here is that we still haven't developed enough self-control.

    I felt that if I was to try this method it would be like walking in a minefield.

    I am not saying that provided someone does this properly that they won't succeed and as the video says if someone does this properly then he will be 'bulletproofin' to triggers in comparison with just staying away from the trigger.

    The underlying principle is to alter the response despite being faced with the trigger.

    As for the video, these are the steps in the method -
    1. type the name of your favorite porn star on Google.
    2. to appreciate that the search will bring up multiple results with her name.
    3. be very focussed in oneself and be super-alert, because the search results themselves are a trigger.
    4. carefully click one of the links.
    5. then immediately at an instant
      • turn your head away
      • place hands on the screen, in-between one's eyes and the image
      • close one's eyes
      • completely ignore everything on the screen behind the hand
      • close the tab or window
      • you do not peak or look at the screen
      • say a personal phrase in mind or in speech (eg. "you won't get me because I choose to be free")
      • all of this should happen in a flash, should take less than 1 second
    6. this is referred to as 'one rep' and needs several reps (such as 5 or more) to train the brain.
      • remind oneself as to why they are doing NoFap
    7. in the real world when exposed to the trigger this will be the response which will be hard-wired to the brain
    8. instead of guilt and shame, now one feels stronger and empowered
    9. can give oneself a small reward at the end of a series of reps.
    When this is done over a period of time, then the mind is now programmed to give the automatic response when faced with natural triggers.

    The YouTuber mentions not to do this if one already has got a streak going. He recommends this method only if one has relapsed and wishes to start the streak again.
    He also mentions at the end never to do this when one is feeling tired, hungry, sad or emotionally upset.

    I will try to experiment using this method and record progress in my NoFap journal.
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  4. I have experienced this method accidentally. I remember seeing scenes of naked women on netflix when that happens, my brain says you already watched porn that does not matter, although in those situations I could control myself time after I had a relapse.
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  5. Yeah, this is actually one reason why I stopped all types of entertainment (such as no music, no films, and no shows) as part of my NoFap monk mode streak.
    So I won't get to apply this method when the trigger arrives in front of me when I least expect it.

    I think one of the advantages of consciously doing this is that you can prepare your mind to be alert prior to the brief, slight exposure to the trigger where the actual process should take less than 1 second if one is doing it correctly.

    I personally feel, this method if done correctly, honestly and sincerely, will create a much higher threshold for relapse in the mind compared to just avoidance of all triggers.

    However, I am not recommending anyone to try this and this is a risk I am taking for myself and I am writing it down on the NoFap journal section. I will only recommend or discourage this method based on whether I experience beneficial results or not.
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  6. good luck with that
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  7. Thanks. I will need it.

    I will give updates on my journal and less frequently put posts here.
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  8. johnmicormick

    johnmicormick Fapstronaut

    I never was a porn guy, that just wasn’t my mojo. I’m more of an Instagram kinda guy. So what I would do was delete my main account, but have a dead one, and each day to practice I would simulate it by downloading Instagram and looking at models or whatever for 5 minutes, and then I would stop. Find out the smallest trigger, it can be as simple as your parents leaving the house, seeing an attractive girl etc. and expose yourself to it. Then keep building until you finally reach actually touching yourself, but by this time your timer should have went off, test yourself to see how long you can stand it. I guess the final phase would eventually be edging, if you’re a monk or something. And each day you just add one more stroke . But seeing this stuff is inevitable, so it’s best you prepare yourself for it.
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  9. Yes, Instathots are P-sub. For someone who is hooked up on P who is on their reboot, it is one of things that cake one's streak dirty. Which means that it will take longer to reboot when looking at Instathots as a replacement for P on their streak. It is not going to help with their addiction.
  10. DukeNukem

    DukeNukem Fapstronaut

    Interested in your results
  11. Quezatolah

    Quezatolah Fapstronaut

    I did this around day 48, after a few days I could look at hot women outside without being triggered. You need to take it slowly, step back if you think you're going too fast.
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