Cultivating Jing: The key to sexual transmutation

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    Today I figured it all out. For years I've been wondering how sex transmutation worked, I even published a book on the topic last year. But still, something was missing. How exactly did one go beyond the base nature of sex or its substitute activities (a.k.a transcend or transmute)? How did one make use of this energy?
    Well, this I believe is the way: you let it work through you. Direct it to just the necessary degree to avoid using it for sex unless that is what you wish to do.
    In case things got obfuscated up there, I mean that the easiest way to make use of this energy in a non-sexual way is to let it be. Just let it find expression in our daily lives. Of course, discriminate between the energy being sexual and it being the life-force, which it is at its core. But beyond that and channeling exercises there isn't much to do but preserve and habituate oneself to growing degrees and intensities of it.
    The reason we fail at abstinence is the same addicts fail at a full recovery from most substances. They give too much weight to the object of their addiction. They think about it all the time, fantasizing and exaggerating the experience, thus never unbinding from it.
    The idea here, is that there really isn't anything special to do if not circulate it through spiritual practices to specific locations or all over the body. Plus, just try to slowly disassociate sex from this energy or at least weaken the association.
    When we are writing, drawing, thinking...etc. The energy is there, it's already working through us, it is like the vitamins we absorb. We need not consciously sit down and think about where we wish the vitamins to take effect. So too, we need not make a fuss about where the energy needs to go once we've disassociated it from sex.
    It'll go where there is need of life. It will go where there is need of creation.

    PS: I'd like to add that I've been practicing jing/ojas retention for a while. I'm now realizing what the purity of thought is really about. Until you can disassociate this creative urge from your baser self, it can't express itself purely in other creative pursuits. This energy does not require sex to manifest. It naturally seeks to create but it must be habituated and calibrated to its medium. If you wish to control it there are ways but more often than not they make things harder.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Have to be honest, what you wrote is quite confused\nothing new.

    What's your no pmo streak?

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