Cultural Dysfunction

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    The way certain people treat spaces such as these shows the complete dysfunction of developed societies. "Why are these losers so puritanical about sex and porn? They need a date omg!". Nonesense. All of it. It's the same with food and obesity. "Diet and exercise is fine but don't over do it!" The complete lack if discipline is celebrated in order to be "happy" shows how weak we really are. They claim to show moderation but have no true understanding of it. Anyone else agree? Disagree?
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    The biggest bs is how we can hear all of these space fights, also ftl.
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    When you begin a counter cultural lifestyle and find it infinitely better than the mainstream you left behind, there's a number of common reactions. Some look on the normies with contempt. Some want to proselytize. Some take a sense of pride and exclusivity on their newfound joy. Many begin to despise the mainstream, and to an extent, the people they see as trapped in it. Usually there's a mix of these, probably more reactions I haven't categorized. It's really best to try to be patient with people in the mainstream, though. Most are perfectly content without the thing you discovered, and they don't want your help. You can share, just be prepared for ridicule. You'll find a few that have the same problem you did, in this case ED or a disintegrating relationship, and they know they watch too much P, and they'll be ready to listen. In the meantime, don't pay attention to the naysayers. You know your life is better without P. You've experienced it first hand. Go and live your best life, no matter what they say.
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    It can definitely be annoying, but when you see through the bullshit it can act as motivation.
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