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    Hi I recently had one post up prior to this but I missed a lot of statements and things I missed before. To start i’ve been trying to stop mater bating for a while and so far it hasn’t been going well for example i’ve always had a liking for cum tributes more on the sense of the pictures and cum kinda like regular cumshots in porn but now i’ve started to realize that it feels kinda off like I’m gay or something. no hate towards gay people it’s just never been to my liking but also when i look at the penis during the cumshot I start to turn soft but at the photos it’s different because it’s like looking at a women with cum all over her face. Could this be my hocd, sexuality or my porn addiction problem?
  2. Hello Fryuser!

    I think most people make a mistake when defining sexuality orientation. It isn't the genital you are attracted to but the person in general. When falling in love with someone you do enjoy being with the person before even seeing what is under the pants right? :)

    Over time the effect of pornography will wear off. It means that graphical content will not stimulate your brain as much as it used to. If you read threw this forum you will notice that most addicts have developed some kind of kink or experienced a shift in their sexual preferenes over the time of their addictions. This is simply because you will not experience a dopamine kick from the same content anymore. Imagine a skydiver that jumps out of a plane. It may be the most crazy thing for the first time but the more often the skydiver repeats the jump the more routine there will be and the less exciting the skydive will be. The same thing happens if you reward your brain with your addicted marterial.

    I suggest you go for a complete porn and masturbation detox of 90 days! I wrote a summary of the one book that helped me the most in the recovery process. Read it, there may be some interesting information in it for you:

    Welcome to the community and go shoot a question if some questions are left unanswered. We are here to help each other!
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