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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Decemannis, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Decemannis

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    So, I recently started dabbling with psychoactive mushrooms, and my results have been simply outstanding.

    Last time, I ate 3g of dried shrooms, and it was completely intense. I gotta say I was scared, but I now see the whole experience as absolutely worth it, specially because it has helped me with my depression quite a lot.

    After the trip, I seemed to have lost complete interest in porn and masturbating, but I still access porn websites, I guess because of habit, but nothing catches my attention or makes me horny as much as it did before tripping on 'shrooms. I slowly am getting away from porn, because it's just not interesting or fun anymore...

    I don't know for how long this will last, but it's been a week and the results are simply amazing. I read somewhere that the effects of a mushroom trip tend to last anywhere from 6 months to a year, and I'd choose mushrooms any day instead of those terrible antidepressants.

    I'm in no way shape or form saying that you should use these drugs, as they can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. I am simply sharing my personal experience and my thoughts on what has worked for me.
  2. LilD

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    You just switched your addiction. I did that many times. It will lead you nowhere.
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  3. tweeby

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    Last time I tried shrooms it was not pleasant.
  4. ConMan

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    I don't think he switched his addiction lol shrooms aren't least for me
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  5. Decemannis

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    Magic mushrooms are probably the safest drug possible, and do not cause addiction.
    I did not switch my addiction, I have been going to the gym for the last two months, and have been eating healthy, going out more, taking responsability for my own future, and I can safely say that I've never felt better about myself than after I used shrooms.
  6. sali82

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    shrooms does give you a moment of clarity that makes you see the way you exactly are, it is quite frightening and yet liberating....
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  7. TheCrazyThingIs

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    LSD cured my depression and anxiety.
    I am very much for the scientific research or psychedelic drugs in order to treat mental illnesses.

    The only reasons that so many people misuse and abuse them and end up in psych wards is because there is no information about them.
    Misinformation is spread, and you get stupid gangster kids taking 500ug+ of acid trying to be "cool" and get high.
    They end up freaking themselves out because LSD isn't meant to be used like that, and if it was manufactured into a pill by PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, and made available by prescription, it could certainly be used to help people.

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