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Cured PIED in 2.5 Months Success story

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ItWorks, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. ItWorks

    ItWorks Fapstronaut

    Successful PIV sex after 2.5 months of no porn and NoFap.
    I am going into full detail for y’all since I know this is what I was searching for when I couldn’t figure out my problem.
    In some ways my selfish/greedy mind is saying don't post this, as this information will become very valuable in the future as more and more people have this issue. I think in the next 3 years this type of info will become main stream due to prevalence.

    I am currently 29 5’8” 145lb.
    I was married for about 3 years, towards the end of the marriage I was not getting any sex from the marriage. So rather than cheating, I started using porn. Never got to anything extreme but just using once or twice a day for a year at least.
    The few times I did get sex from my partner it was very difficult or I didn't finish. I thought it was because we didn't like each other.
    After we separated, I tried having sex about 5 times with my first girlfriend. Could not get myself near close to being hard when with her. But I didn't have a problem by myself. So it took me about a month of thinking and researching to finally realize it was the porn/masturbation through this site and others (Thank you). Complete shock... and fear that I wouldn't recover.

    Start Recovery
    This was on April 18, 2018. That day I stopped porn and masturbation completely 100% no relapse. Luckily I had strong enough will power not to relapse. This is mostly because the consequences of not being able to have kids, and the loneliness were so scary. I would read the average recovery was 90 days and pray that I would be average too.

    I am happy to say that July 1 (started recovery April 18) I had successful sex. After about 2.5 months of recovering.
    So I am happy to say that the method does work

    I had tried twice before with different girls at about 1 month in and 1.5 months in. Did not work.
    When it didn't work, I did explain to them my issue because you don't want to mess up the girl you are with by making them think it is them. Try to limit how many girls you do this to. Since it can also bring down your willpower/emotional state by failing. Luckily both of them understood, and some said they had experienced similar things with other guys lately...

    My Method and Strategies (Important Part)
    1. Time - everything below helps and should be done. But don't forget it just takes time for your brain to recover (forget).
    2. No Porn, No Masturbation (easy to say, hard to do, but other posts can help you with this. It is not an option.) You will want to because you will wonder if your member will ever come back to life, or if its just going to hang there forever like and appendix lol.
    3. No sexy images/Instagram Models etc/Music videos
    4. No drugs. For me, I don't do drugs, caffeine, nicotine, vape, or anything. Occasional social drinking is ok but moderation. Maybe once or twice a week. But not blackout, throw up drunk.
    5. Stop consuming social media. Limit online social interactions to direct messaging, and posting on your social media. Do not sit there and scroll and consume social media/tv/movies/video games I know some tv, video games, and movies are ok, but limit as much as possible without going crazy
    6. Build your social media (I know it sounds like a contradiction) start an instagram/snapchat after a month or so, post the cool stuff you are doing now that you have so much more energy and time. So that when you are ready you have the friends and social resume to attract tons of girls. It will probably be hard not to get girls attracted to you. That you have to turn away since you don't want to let the whole world know your problem. Maybe after 2 month start getting with one, possibly let them know your issue... tough choice.
    7. Try to reset your reward centers to more mellow things - go outside, walks, stargazing, reading, building/fixing things, face to face social interactions, etc.
    8. Study social dynamics, pick up methods since you have a lot of free time now :). This is very important, also "red pilled relationship" viewpoints. You want to understand the relationship between men and women better, but dont get bitter. Dont go full MGTOW lol.
    9. Go outside and talk to people, learn how to make small talk and cold approach people, be interesting and fun.
    10. Workout - lift weights and bike/run (you are going to be batting the girls away when you are done with these three months)
    11. Diet - eat like a health nut. You want to feel and look good, since your other issue will bring down your state a bit. Here are the list of supplements I used. Some of these are from research, some from others posts on this forum. Maybe they are placebo, but most of this recovery is mental anyway...
      1. Multi Vitamin -Alive Mens Energy
      2. Now TestoJack 200
      3. Potassium Supplement
      4. Calcium+Magnesium Supplement
      5. Now Ginger Root
      6. Natures Bounty Green Tea
      7. Swanson Full Spectrum Korean Red Genseng Root
      8. Now Ginkgo Biloba
      9. Puritan's Pride Odorless Garlic
      10. Jarrow Formulas Arginine
    12. Study something new, learn a language, get better at your career etc
    13. I did get my testosterone checked with a blood test. Luckily it was exactly average. You can consider doing this, I didnt this after about a month of not seeing results (flatlining) and was worried about physiological problems. I should have waited but was getting scared. (Trust in the method)
    14. Try to find one friend you can talk about your issue with (this might not be possible) Sometimes your best friendzoned female friend is a good option. But they should be a very good friend.

    Thanks again to this forum and online resources for helping me find my problem.
    We will see this only become more and more popular.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
  2. FrenchOliver

    FrenchOliver Fapstronaut

  3. strangeworld908

    strangeworld908 Fapstronaut

    im 21 days in. You are giving me so much faith and trust in the process. Thank you so much man. Im tired of using masturbation and porn to cope with being depressed and anxiety. i will get where you are i believe it! I am strong!
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  4. ItWorks

    ItWorks Fapstronaut

    You are the reason I posted my story. Thanks for making writing it worth it.
  5. g2stop

    g2stop Fapstronaut

    Very inspiring!
  6. strangeworld908

    strangeworld908 Fapstronaut

    Yea man! you really helped me a lot with my situation and made me feel strong. I'm shooting for way longer so far so good, as i feel 90+ will really help me. I feel like Im in flatline right now 24 days in. Most of the withdrawal symptoms seem to have been subsided and im generally happier and have more energy. The urges seem to be going away too!
  7. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    I didnt have any issue abbot lifting weight, vitamin etc

    My.problem is stay at late night,,my sleeping time are 5 hours daily,,

    I dont lnow wht to do
  8. strangeworld908

    strangeworld908 Fapstronaut

    I've been noticing for the last 4 days waking up with morning wood! kinda a good feeling after not for a bit!
  9. ItWorks

    ItWorks Fapstronaut

    Yea, I had this and the flatline you described in your earlier post. Flatlines are scary at the time, but stick it out, it will end.
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  10. Tokenator27

    Tokenator27 Fapstronaut

    Only day 9 for me, but I was in flatline until today. Today I got morning wood.
  11. CameronLA

    CameronLA Fapstronaut

    Thanks so much for posting this. This was exactly the path I was hoping to follow. Hopefully 81 days from now I can post something similar. I hope you will post more!
  12. Maikel1

    Maikel1 Fapstronaut

    Nice man! Love yout story! Right now I am at day 51 and also feel like my PIED/ED is gone or starting to get better...

    Last 2 days I have had oral sex with my girl and the first day I was hard and came but the second day I was harder and came quicker... I think I want to go slowly to penetration... but I'll take my time you know, no need to hurry :)
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  13. ironmaing

    ironmaing Fapstronaut

  14. Ranvanp

    Ranvanp Fapstronaut

    This is a great post. I'm hoping for similar results.

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