Curing fetishes? The Aversion Research Project 2.0

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Dauberry.Liven, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Dauberry.Liven

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    Disclaimer : I do NOT encourage anyone to try this at home, it can be potentially dangerous
    (Also English is not my first or even second language so sorry for potential mistakes)

    The original Aversion Project was a "medical torture Program" during the apartheid era, it aimed to "cure" homosexuality through Pavlovian conditioning with electric shocks, and as far as I know it didn't yield expected results

    Nowadays we know that innate homosexuality is not a mental illness, but a sexual orientation and is tricky to change (Not sure what about HOCD). However, reading about this project kept me thinking if something similar could help revert paraphilias and fetishes that someone picked up through the escalation phase of porn addiction

    I was thinking about buying a cheap taser or an electric dog collar and shocking myself each time I look at weird porn to establish permanent connection
    "weird porn" = pain (negative stimulus)
    and hopefully make a weird fetish go away forever, however I'm a little bit worried that this may cause a generalization and mess with normal sexual behaviors

    I could not find many reliable sources of infomations about conditioning humans, but as far as I know it works to an extent. However, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to try this, so if you ever heard or tried such a thing or simply if you have just some thoughts about this idea, feel free to express your opinion or say what could be changed
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    Hello there,

    Im my journey with porn i escalated to transexual porn, sissy and femdom, so as you can read i am somewhat experienced in the area.

    My first thought reading your post was: "this guy is f****d up".
    Now i don't mean anything bad, i think your fetish gives you a lot of negative emotions, however hurting yourself over it is madness. Don't do thaf!
  3. jack_hammer

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    If you use pain you can just become aroused since pain is kinda of a fetish(masochism)
    Just engage in real conversation,youll see fetishes are unrealistic and unhealthy in a relationship,or mock yourself for it(the devil is proud,he cant stand mockery,he will leave)
    I had femdom fetish,futanari...a dark history,but now its gone,I don really think of such things in my daily life anymore.
  4. Dauberry.Liven

    Dauberry.Liven New Fapstronaut

    Yeah I know that my idea is very controversial. I have tried to give up witm my fetish several times with the longest streak of about 40+ days but it never fully goes away and always comes back. Are You not atracted anymore to your fetishes? and if yes how did You do it?
    PS to be clear I'm not trying to punish myself or hutr myself or something and I think more of it like a training

    Well I highly doubt that I would sexualize pain, that's far from my thing. But could You tell something more about this mocking myself? I can't really imagine it and wouldn't it couse problems like self hatered or something?
  5. fedmom

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    There's links on treatment for paraphilic disorders in my thread.
  6. 31Jan2020

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    Yo scinetist tried have tried electrick shock treatment it didn’t work
    There are cases of alcoholics who treated that way and lasted only two weeks.
    One way i found was to join a community of recovering addicts in real life , meet some people from NoFap near you , or join Sexaholics Anonymous if there are nearby
    Look up Ratpark Experiment
  7. Mordobarn

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    It's an interesting idea and has been tried, but it doesn't work.

    @jack_hammer said that there is a danger that your brain would be redirected to a pain fetish. In fact, it's a truly significant danger. I know that you say that pain isn't your thing, but think about it — it's no one's thing until the fetish develops! It's to do with the dopamine and DeltaFosB (I've grossly oversimplified), and shocking yourself deliberately while watching porn will cause your brain to strongly associate the two. As porn is already associated with sex, your brain will start to believe that you need pain in order to "spread your seed".

    In time, you will probably end up with a strong fetish such that you will be unable to get an erection until you experience pain.

    The correct way to resolve this is to disconnect the link between porn and sex. There is only one known reliable way to do this, and it's a combination of no porn (ever!), avoiding existing fetishes (ever!), and an initial hard reboot.
    That is still being used in some areas of the world. You might as well try to "cure" being straight with the same method. It has been proven to not work, and to create trauma and even PTSD. Cures for homosexuality are rightly illegal in some countries.
    Not tricky; impossible. It's something that you're born with. HOCD, on the other hand, is created through porn, and the solution (as shown on these forums) is the same: no porn ever, avoiding the fetish, and an initial hard reboot.
    So, knowing that the method doesn't work, you still want to try it? Think carefully and you'll realise the lack of logic there.

    I think that you are looking for an easy way (well, who doesn't want an easy way?). But there isn't a known easier way than no porn, avoiding existing fetishes, and an initial hard reboot!

    Good luck in your journey, and put away those thoughts of using pain therapy.
  8. fedmom

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    It is easy to cure but it won't work by stopping masturbating or "rebooting".
  9. Mordobarn

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    Please clarify?
  10. fedmom

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    Please see post #5 as I don't want to seem like I'm spamming.
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