Curing same-sex attraction

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  1. Read the documentation about HOCD. You can also read up on the science. HOCD can happen to any straight man or woman (and the converse, hetero-OCD to any gay man or woman), because of how porn works and how the brain needs continuing escalation. When you understand how it works, you'll realise that what you wrote is incorrect. You don't have to be homophobic to get HOCD.
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    He didn't actually say he enjoyed what he was doing, if anything the way he phrased it made it seem like he didn't like it at all.
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  3. its not consistent There are stone age tribes where masturbation and homosexuality are completely unknown, the concepts had to be explained to them because they had no words for them.

    Is bestiality genetic?

    Aka and Ngandu cultural models or reasons for having frequent sex emphasized their desire for children rather than pleasure. Homosexuality and masturbation were rare or nonexistent in both groups. Aka men either did not believe in the post-partum taboo or if they had this belief they did not seek out other women during this period; almost all Ngandu men said they believed in the taboo but did not adhere to it and sought out other women. Aka men had the greatest knowledge and most frequent use of plants as sexual stimulants.

    I personally believe we all have a capacity for sexual deviation - how much sex becomes an addiction and how much it escalates - its like an 'alcoholic' 'gene' or tendency - its also the tendency to be a marathoner. its how we use our life forces.
  4. Lol, I’m hocd sufferer myself... I guess I know about the topic more...
  5. Well, if he didn’t enjoy it, why would he download an app for gays and get off to gay porn? If you don’t like guys, why would you want to go out with them?
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    If you say you have HOCD surely you can understand that these things are caused by the HOCD?
  7. Well, I don’t know a single hocd sufferer, who enjoys gay porn or goes out with other man...
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    Once again, he didn't say he enjoyed gay porn, and he didn't actually say he went out with another man, just that he used a dating app. This could be referred to as "testing", where someone with OCD of any kind "tests" their actions even if on a rational level they are aware its irrational. It doesnt come from a place of enjoyment or satisfaction, its caused by the OCD.
  9. Well, that’s just an assumption. Maybe he used it for checking, maybe for dating, we will never know. WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY HERE IS that if he really was into gay porn and dudes and somehow cured himself from that, then he has just repressed his feelings really. Well, we will never know what he has gone through unless he tells us himself.
  10. But he said “I no longer crave men”, which I guess means that he used to crave other men, which leads me to believe that he was into dudes. In my opinion, if he was into them once, but something affected his liking of it, then it’s clearly a repression. I might be mistaken as obviously I know literally nothing about him.
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    I think its pretty fair to assume OP is talking about HOCD, if he isnt then that completely changes the context of what he was saying. But you are right, we cant know if he doesnt tell us.
  12. Porn and fantasizing (which is symbolic ) can change sexual tastes.

    It’s time to distinguish ‘sexual orientation’ from reversible ‘sexual tastes’

    “The bulk of scientific evidence currently favors the view that the origins for most sexual desires are not cultural but innate.” —Leon F. Seltzer

    Such statements mislead people that all sexual inclinations are created equal and are immutable. This is simply not true

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  13. There are people on this forum who have escalated to bestiality, to child porn, if they are free of it are they just 'repressing' themselves?
  14. Well, he hasn’t said much about his background. What is more, he states that he used to crave men, which leads me to believe that he has just temporarily repressed his true feelings.
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  16. Thank you for your input, Dr. Freud.
    Someone might crave femdom, does that mean he has to accept it, or can he change himself and redirect that energy to something positive. That is what this forum is about, in my opinion. Trying to belittle someone trying to overcome unwanted feelings, or critique them with outdated pop psychology doesn't help.

    Why do you think it's 'repression' and what, exactly does that mean?
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    Your Brain on Porn .com is a goldmine!
  18. Well, I thought he used to like guys and then somehow changed it.
  19. A mistake easily made, because the OP was not explicit. The implication was that he was straight, developed HOCD, and then cured the HOCD. Once you've been on these forums long enough, you'll realise that HOCD (and the converse, for gay people) happens to many addicts, and fully rebooting cures it. From an academic point of view, it's a fascinating occurrence, but for sufferers, it's distressing.
  20. Lol, you cannot change your sexual orientation. Facts.

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