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    Not sure this is in right section. If a guy is single and not into casual permissive sex but only as part of a committed relationship then should he still follow PMO and save himself till married
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    I do not believe in marriage. I think marriage is outdated concept and it's time for it to die. It really serves no purpose these days. If you are religious it might mean something still. But legally it's just some extra hassle to deal with, it provides no significant protections and have in fact have some serious potential downsides in case of divorce.

    While I do not think there is anything wrong with casual sex, I think ideally the best type of sex is within loving relationship. Because making love when you care about other is the most healthy way for the psyche. While having sex simply for sensory pleasures are not immoral, but it is kind of like junk food for the brain; it satisfies you short term but long term it leaves you feeling tired and bloated.

    We can have many loving relationships in our life. Some may last for couple of months and some may last for couple of years or more. It doesn't have to be serious and committed for it to be loving and fulfilling.

    There is no reason to PMO. It messes you up in many ways. If you do not have a partner I think it's still more healthier to get casual one night stand than masturbate by yourself. Even if that sex means nothing emotionally it still has so much more positive effects on hormonal system and psychology than doing it with your own hand, which does nothing but drain you.
  3. Messedupguy

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    I don’t like sex without some emotional attachment . Maybe because I was brought up being told it was sinful outside of marriage . I’ve tried but always had a performance issue down to the guilt and shame I guess .
    I thought porn and masturbation would be ok as a substitute till I married but they are just evil to be honest and caused me more problems than simply waiting
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    Then since you have shame, you can either work on resolving the shame, or go ahead with No PMO. Everyone is different. Personally, I have no shame from occasional/nonexcessive M. I do not watch P and I do not fantasize when I M, so it works for me...
    Here is an interesting post for Alexander, the creator of NoFap...

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