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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ens2010, Dec 17, 2013.

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    Guys, I have grown up watching anime from my early childhood, this meant, once I began to dabble regularly in P at early puberty, I also watched Hentai. What are your guys opinions of Hentai in general, including in regards to abstaining from P. Do you classify Hentai as P, is Adult Manga also classified as P? Currently I classify Hentai as P because most of it is specifically designed for sexual arousal and pleasure, like P. Some of them have a basic storyline holding them together, and some adult manga I have read actually have a good story. Just opening the ground for discussion on the matter. I have temptations in normal P as well as hentai, while I have had friends who didn't even like normal P, they only liked Hentai. Once again, just interested in you guys' thoughts on the matter.
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    They're both pornographic IMO.
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    Hey well you're not alone in this classification. I too have read some Hentai stories (none with the tentacle shit, just normal human/vanilla stuff). While they are manga/anime based, they are a form of pornography. So yes, I would consider Hentai as P. A lot of people who view and read Hentai imagery use it to indulge themselves into that fantasy, so it's a form of P. It can also set up false expectations of women, making guys think "I want a girl that will do x,y, and z just like in this Hentai Manga!" when no girl is like that.

    So just to summarize, yes Hentai is porn and should be avoided if you're trying for long streaks. Same goes for Ecchi as it is soft core hentai to an extent.

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