Current in the upper thigh.

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    Hi there. I am on 35th day of Nofap hardmode. This is the best streak I have made till now. I have done 2 more streaks, 15 and 12 days. Have you guys ever felt a current (or I would say a very light pain) going on in your thighs? When I was a PMO addict, I never felt this type of pain in my thigh. I have been doing exercises from my 1st streak. I lost around 8 kgs. My 1st streak was in may 2020. I also consulted a doctor, she said it might be due to harsh exercise. I stopped my exercise for few days but it was still there. When I relapsed on 15th day and was under chaser effect, I kept on masturbrating and ejaculating. And the light pain on the thighs got away. When I started my 2nd streak on July. On the 7th day of my 2nd streak I got it back. Again when I relapsed on day 12, it got away. Now I am facing the same pain in my right thigh ( I am 100% sure its not injury ). I had 8 wet dreams in these 35 days. I am feeling this light pain everytime. Let me know your suggestions.
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    Maybe it's not because of nofap, but something else. Maybe you are doing something different that you were not doing earlier, because now you have so much free time.

    I will still recommend you to continue your streak. And if you still feel that pain then go to doctor not to PMO sites. Because it could be a false belief that your brain plays with you whenever you start nofap.

    When people stop fapping they start getting wet dreams, and because of this many people go back to fapping, but once people wait for few days, wet dreams go away. I found out from experience that following nofap will not stop wet dreams but purifying your thoughts will do that. If you are thinking about PMO, or are desiring it, or are reading posts that are little bit erotic will only cause you more suffering and make your brain feel like you want to PMO. I hope this helps you.

    Like wet dreams, there might be something else, that only happens or you do those things only when you are on nofap streaks - that might be causing you that mild pain in thighs.
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