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  1. When eliminating porn from your life, it is easy to get more tempted than usual by what some would consider cute, pretty, or slightly suggestive pics or videos. And they are posted like crazy now.
    Yesterday, a pic appeared on my Instagram feed which left me feeling very lustful. I can hardly get it out of my mind. So I am going to stop following this girl, whom I know. In her pictures there is often a touch of sexual suggestion. She looks great, she knows it, and she takes a fine pic.
    I like Instagram, so I am not going to eliminate it from my life, but I have used it sometimes as a porn sub. Like Youtube. That's got to end.
    I do not blame the girl. If I were her, I'm sure I'd post similar things. My addiction is not her problem.
    I am realizing things have gone further than I had thought, and I will need to be more vigilant than ever if I am serious about a full recovery. Thoughts?
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    I always stick with don’t follow or search for anything on Instagram that can trigger you. Same goes for YouTube. I have also used them as porn subs. It’s hard to avoid everything but you can avoid most of it.
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    I would suggest it's your brain desperately looking for it's fix. It's sort of going into panic mode I suppose. Anything slightly suggestive and it fires up. Bit like a drowning man grasping at a straw. It means your on the right path.
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    Give your brain daily dopamine fix by doing other activities and you'll have no problems with cravings when viewing hot photos. You can't change your surrounding so you have to change your perception and reaction to it. For me getting daily dopamine fix meant going loco with daily aerobic exercise routine for the first 4 months, for you it might be something different. Any highly dopamine rewarding activity done regulary should do it.
  5. Similar case scenario in my case too, there were periods were not even sexual things would turn me on on instagram, let alone only slight ones. Posted by my friends or not. But, no matter how much i really liked instagram. I forced myself to delete it. You really have to give your brain some time to heal, because as time goes by you'll find way more stuff sexually appealing. Best thing you can do for yourself is cut any source that can potentially endanger your reboot. You can cut off instagram until you get fully rebooted, then you can go back at it. That's the way i see it of course.
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  6. Yeah, and it's not like anyone is going to miss me on Instagram. I quit Twitter a long time ago. If I go there now, let's face it, I am only looking to tempt myself. I will cut out Instagram today, at least for a long time.
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  7. It's good to read from others what I know in my heart is true, but have trouble following up on. Thanks.
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  8. This happened to me recently. I just blocked the account. Temporary pleasures will not help you.
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  9. I know the feeling. When I began nofap, I could not understand why guys were talking about ridding themselves of Instagram or other sites, even FB. Well, 10 months later, my reaction is different. I think I was just lying to myself by not cutting it out. Please think about ditching it. Who knows. Maybe I'll need to dump Netflix eventually.
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    Why even bother with social media if do not really have to while in recovery. I almost immidately relapse when having a reboot if I logg on to any social media so when the impulse controll is not as it should be going cold turkey is for sure the only way. Dating apps are probably the worst, like tinder etc with all semi nudes, cleavage and ass shots galore. Just a constant shower of triggers that should be eliminated in the first phase of recovery.

    For me going cold turkey and detoxing with social media is almost as important as not watching porn since I'm always hitting up crappy low quality women anyways being single and always settling for less rather then pursuing my mission and making myself my mental point of origin.
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  11. Guys, I did cut out Instagram yesterday and I immediately felt relief. I am sure someday I will check it, but the urge to click on it over and over has evaporated. Feeling great! Thanks for the encouragement and advice.
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    Yeah, it seems it becomes easy to obsess about any social media plattform rather then actually putting in any kind of effort that would benefit us and lead or keep us on the right path. Infact, I would claim my only way to complete victory over PMO is being all clean from Social media for atleast 6 months or so, just so I do not fall back in to past sins with hitting up random women and hoping for the best (and usually finding the worst or getting the worst of them)
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