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    Hey guys
    It’s been 58 days today it is my first try.
    My masturbation urges got weak and pornography’s too but from last 2,3 days my sexual desires getting extremely high. I don’t know why this happened so suddenly to me
    and one more and Very special thing guys my dick getting big I recently checked that.
    I was already have a big Dick but it’s increasing i notice
    even my age is about 25.

    And My worries are not just sexual Desires and urges but also about pornography. Guys i never liked them even i used to be addictive but now i have been start thinking unconsciously pornography is not so bad ( even I believed that’s an evil) I have been starting to read biographies of porn stars but very little ( that’s not a good sign i think i should completely avoid everything which is even slightly relataed to pornography)

    guys i need your precious recommendations and i also looking for female AP ( As I believed that’s more effective than havi AP same gender)

    thats my whatsapp number any guy ir girl thanks in advance for your advice
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