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  1. Today i complete my 7 days of NoFap ...Feeling Awesome and proud on my self..I got to known about Pmo in Feb 2019 ...My best streak was 60+ days and i nevere ever reach near close to that one..Struggling to even cross 1 week .My longest streak (Which was almost 67days) Got broken few weeks ago....But i never give up at that.. Cause we do mistakes and learn from our mistakes....(Mistakes or failures are our first step towards success)Since then i m trying my best to stay focus and PMO free.So it was my past ..Now it time to talk about present and future...I m gurdeep and I m 18 years old , going to be 19 soon on 4th of june(Ya its no so far).My height is 5 Feet 10 inches and I m a hard Gainer so thats why my weight is 54 kg (Yup i know i underweight and skinny but trying my best to gain muscle i dont need body fat ).My body type is not so skinny but i have some muscle shape defination..(I mean i have my abs and body fat percentage is also low)Yup i m an indian guy...With Not so dark but brown skin complexion...(I m not a racist by the way). I just compeleted my high school with decent grades (Not so much but 83% according to our education system and according to you it would be 3.0 gpa out 4.0 ...Ya i scored b+ grades in my all subjects)
    I don't have any intention to study in college or university yet..but i m wondering about doing a computer related cousre...Lets get to point i will daily upload here my Journal , goals and activites....My main goals are to become successfull in every aspect of my life..Such as Physically fitness, Mentally Strong, Emotionally stable and Socially active.....Yes NoFap is benifted all of this area of my life...Now i can feel more energetic throughout the day..Sleep less...I can think better,No brain fogging,mental clearity .Its also Helps me in controlling my emotions......I feel less social anxiety , i look into peoples eyes when i m talking to them...They notice me more...And Im attracted to Girl and womens in A different way , which i was never

    Morning Routine:--Today I wake up at 5:30 am in the morning ... I started my day with 2 glass of water(yup its help us in increasing metabolism , give it a try).After that i did or always did 15 push (Does nt matter where you are or not do it , Right after waking up , seriously try it once .. Its wakes up your body or mind ).Then i go to bathroom (You all know how important it is to pee) ..After that Put my phone and plug earphones in my ears (Listen to best music that gives you positve energy ).After that i took a mat and go to my house roof top where i can take as much fresh air i needed and watch sun rising (Wow that moment was beautiful when whole was glowing teal orange with sun).I did and do some little bit streaching and exercise (Such as noramal push up 15 more , 30 knuckle push ups.. Wow this are really hard man but make you knuckle stronger...Some situps )..After completing this exercise i did 10-15 mins meditation..... (Yup its sucks sometime but helps us in focusing on things) ...Then i come back down and Bruh my teeth or drink my milk(I don't drink tea or coffe, my doctor prefer me to not to drink because i have some skin allergie Like "tinie corpis" itits a jock itch)

    Afternoon Time:--- In afternoom i watch a netflix series "Lucifer" on my mobile ....( I really liked the stroy of it, That god sons lucifer abandoned to hell and from where he run away to earth hah lol ....But quite interesting to watch)...Then i had beautiful lunch with my family ...Which was really nice...(In i ate Rice with curry "its our indian one of the best spices dish .) After that 1 hour later, i m currently writing this Thread of mine....

    Evening Plan:---- 1. After writing this thread i will go and read some self improvement articles on some awesome website such jamesclear.com..., marcandangel.com, tonyrobbinsons.com
    2. I will go out and hang out with my friends for some time ...yup also wondering about playing some sports
    3.After that I will do some exercise when i come back home....(Ya i ll come back almost before 8:00 pm )

    4. After dinner i will go on for A Walk outside.(Yup after dinner it great to walk outside and get freash air from Beautiful sky full of stars)

    5. I m currently reading a book "Getting back to happpy :Change your thoughts by marc and angel ...
    Ya i start reading it just yesterday so my goal will to read and finish this book in next 2 weeks..
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    I like the post. It sounds like your making some positive choices. I've been doing the same with a difference in the details and as a result am feeling much better about myself. Keep up the good stuff.
  3. Yup buddy....I m making positve changes in my life....And that what's we all need to do to grow and become better version of yourself....Yes keep up your stuff man...and Causd Changing our life is in our own hand..

    We can sit back and Live life as it exist or We can Go ,Bust our ass, do hardwork ...and get what we wanted or deserves.....

    Yes!! I m feeling completely different then i used to be few months ago....Their is lots of positive change i have take in my life.......God bless all of us and gives the power to do the Positive deed....
  4. Day :: 9

    Hey...GuysToday i get up at 5:30 am .Its feels amazing waking up early .
    After waking up i do 15 knuckle push ups(Ya you guys will thinking why knuckle push upd well i like getting pain).Then i drink 2 glass of damn cool water, really good for our stomach.Then i go in to bathroom and Use it take out the waste materials of our body..Next i goes up to my house roof and Do some little bit exercise and stretching.At 6:10 am i do my mediation for 10 minutes(Ya i m doing little session of it but gonna increase them gradually like 10 to 15 and then 20 minutes) .Morning routine is really important to kick start your day And its make lots of positive change in your life.I will recommend it to every single individuals on planet Earth.Then i brush my teeth and Talk to myself by looking into the mirror( ya im not a psycho , i m talking about positve self talk and self affirtmations) , Its works give it try..At 7:00 am i check my social apps like whats app , facebook , telegram and gmail just to get update with other and for something important... After that i read Some postive and Motivational articles or Listen to podcast some time.....Then After it I m good kick ass the rest of day ..At 8:00 am i take Nice and cold(_Not freakig cold ) shower thats wakes my mind up completly.

    Today priorities:---
    1.To read as much as possible Such as Articles on self improvement or Self help or Newspaper or Book ( Currently reading Be back to happy by marc and angel)

    2.To sleep less ( Ya i have been sleeping a lot between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm ...Cause my high shool over last month so i dont have anything to do , but i have lot plans in my mind to make my self busy such as im gonna join a compute coaching course and also wonderig about working on Electronics repairing shop [They repair things likes computer,fit cctv cameras lot of cool things even though i don't know about that they gonna teach me so its sound interesting to me)

    3.Be cool , calm and collected through out the whole day.(Not to get angry or not to let any negative feeling or emtion take over myself)

    4.To Not to hang out with my friends more than 7:30 pm.(Ya i m just hanging out with them a lot lately and because of them i miss my important things to do and it also pissed off my mom)

    So thats it for today ....Hope you guys Also some plans and things to do for today.....I"ll keep you guys updates with my Jouranal ....Hopw you peoples liked it and Keep motivating me to do stuff like this in my future..#Peace#Staybeastly#Staypositive
  5. Day 10
    Hi buddies , feeling literally positive and motivate.Today is great day and i m having really awesome vibes.Yes!! Yesterday night i was fully exhausted by my Whole day Things Such as Home Workout ,Sport and by other things..Thats why i slept like an baby ..Today i wakes up with a little headache , dont know why that was.Daily i m trying to get up before 5:30 and it really happening ...Yes!! If we Want to do something or achieve anything we can do that..After i did the same thing as everyday , drink 2 glass of water and do 15 push up (Not normla i like to do knuckles one) and plank for 20 sec. Next i go to bathroom to get my self fresh ( Pee) .Then little bit of stretching and exercise With 15 min meditation (Ya thats a dedly combo to kick start your day) At 6:20 i listen to a 20 min. Podcast on How to live you dream life by "Leo gura" (creator of actualizzed.org you can him out).After that i do brush my teeths and hava A nice glass of luke warm milk ...And that how i start off my day..

    Today priorities and goals :---

    1.To read New things And articles On self improvent and development.

    2.To learn something new ,No matter what it is just learn something new

    3.To do my evening Leg workout (i do home workout does nt go to gym)

    4.To be more social active with my family , friends and Other people

    5. To make myself as much busy as possible ...

  6. Day No : 11

    Hi guys when i woke up i feels so greatfull and Motivate .Last Night before sleeping i listen to Brain waves(Ya brain waves They realy work . i got it from brainsync.com ..Kelly howell is the founder of this) , acutally i listened to Deep sleep waves While i was reading my book yesterday night at 10:30 pm ..Its really works at 11:00 When i probably down for the sleep , i was feeling like my mind is so relax and i slept.Then today mornig. I wake up before my alarm goes on ya today i beat that! (I have set an alarm of 5:30 am but i wake at 5:00 feeling completly Rest.) So i recommended you guys to go check out kelly howell site and her work she did with those waves at www.brainsync.com

    After wake i follow my daily rituals i made up for myself ..Which start with Drinking 2 glass of freash water and it follow by 15 reps of knuckle push ups and 20 sec. Of Plank..Its literally Wakes my mind and body , Making me aware and alert..Next i go to bathroom to get my self freash(pee is really important) . At 5:30 am i stand in front of mirror and says some positive affirmations to myself (such as I m grateful to god for this life, I m powerfull , I m strong , I m intelligent etc) Its really do help in increasing our Positive and make a good mindset.After that i do my little streching and exercise for almost 15-20 minutes. Next i do Brain realaxing meditation For almost 10 minutes ....Which really takes me to another universe....Then My Day start with perfect rituals , ya Since my doing these ritual i saw drastically change in my mood and Overally Mindset ....I feel less Pressure on my mind And have better control on my emotions..Anyway today priorities Will down below :---

    Today priorities and goals:---

    1. To stay positive and control at my emotions throughout the whole day (Such as control on my anger, No procastination)

    2. To Reas As Much as I can . Articles and Blogs anything that will help me to step up my self

    3. To do my evening chest workout today . (Yup! Yesterday was leg workout day and i kill it man , eventhough i m doing homeworkout but its helps me a lot)

    4. To Read At least 20 pages of the book i m currently reading ",Getting back to happy" by marc and angel

    5.To be less lazy and couch potato ...Whenever feel laziness do 15-20 push ups and Drink as much water as you can)

    This are the today priorities and small goals i want to achive ....And will.

    Ouote of the day :--- "Little by little , day by day What is meant for you will find a way ". By somelse anonymous.

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    [Man how did you stop procrastinating.I tried it but I failed many times.how to stop It and stay focused.

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